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Friday, April 27, 2012

You'll Be Alright.

Denim Dress, Cream Infinity Scarf: Target.
Navy Blazer: H&M.
Tan Flats: Thrifted.
Pearl Bracelets: Forever21.
Hair Bow: Modcloth.

Hello lovely dreamers!
I can't thank you enough for your help on yesterday's post. Seriously, my throat was so tight with emotion as I read all of your encouraging words. The fact that you all take time out of your busy days to write with such passion and emotion to help and reach out to me in incredible...I mean, you all don't know me but you have given me more kindness than most people in my life have. For that, I am truly eternally grateful!

I'm still feeling down, but not as down as I have been. With the help of you all and the arrival of the weekend my spirits have been greatly lifted! It's been awhile since I went adventuring to find a new place to take outfit photos, and I figured today was as good as any day to immerse myself into nature and find a new hidden world.

I was so pleased after quite a bit of walking to find this little part of the woods with a crooked tree. When taking outfit pictures, I don't know...I just know when the place is right. I try a lot of different areas before I settle on the right scenery for an outfit and the mood I want to convey. This little place was perfect. Soft sunlight came through the growing leaves of the trees, and the birds were chirping happily all around me. I thought a crooked tree was a perfect and interesting little backdrop to my usual plain path in the forest, so here are the results of my adventure! Looking forward to this weekend to see if I can find any other new spots.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and happy weekend!
With much love, Lauren.


Brooke said...

This outfit is perfect in so many ways. The fabric of the dress and the brown belt are so fitting for each other and those tights are adorable!

~Brooke {via The Dove Tree}

Unknown said...

I really like this outfit! Looking lovely as usual! <3

Glad that you aren't feeling as down as you were yesterday!



Buttons Apart said...

Nice outfit. I really like that blazer!

Sita xx

Unknown said...

Lauren, I wanted to tell you that I know exactly what your going through ...Pre-cal has been my toughest challenge yet in highschool and I feel like I can't give it anymore effort than I am, but in reality I could be doing much more. I blame my teacher, stress, etc. for my slipping grade, but in reality its all me. However, I know that with patience and persistence, you and I both can achieve whatever we feel we can. And always remember that you can do ANYTHING through Christ.

James 4:8

Unknown said...

I love seeing combinations of blue. You look beautiful! :-)

katie said...

I love how you have a few signature clothing items, like the berets and the knee socks! (Seriously, you look so adorable in both!)
I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better, take care of youself dear!

Sampada said...

I love looking for new spots (especially around campus) for blog photos...
I love this blue scheme that you've got going, and the cream bow and brown elbow patches are the perfect accents to the blue.


i r l i n said...

ooh gosh! beautiful, and you are just stunning! :D Nice blog by the way! :D Cheers from Norway!

Emily said...

This is so cute:) I don't know of any color or any pattern that doesn't look good on you! Blue is one of my favorites, and this to me is perfect! I thought of the weather we've been having when I first saw this, kind of gray and cool. But cute! <3

Unknown said...

What a cute little denim dress! I really love the navy blazer paired with it and the fact that your blazer has those awesome elbow patches.

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