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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stuck In A Daydream.

Navy Sailor Dress: Modcloth.
Mustard Yellow Cropped Jacket, Square Bracelet: Forever21.
Red Beret, Red Flats: Target.
White Bangles: Thrifted.

Oh hello, hello everyone!
How have you all been doing...? My time has been kept quite busy with a bunch of silly homework lately...sigh. It feels like I'm always stuck in a never ending day dream. I just float through my classes in a sort of daze all day, half asleep, half out of it waiting to go home and relax. Only a month and a half left- I can make it!

Today the forms for 'senior personalities' were handed out. Oh you all know those forms. You get to scrutinize and judge all of your classmates and unrightfully place labels on them with titles such as, best looking, most likely to succeed, most likely to live at home at age 30 ect, ect... Sigh. As I've said before, high school seems to be nothing but one huge popularity contest. What's even worse (and makes me shake my head in disgust) is that people actually campaign for themselves to win. Ugh. How self centered can you be...?

I mean, of course it would be awesome and a dream come true if I won best dressed. Since the 8th grade of dreamed and wished for it. But campaigning to win? That's just ridiculous. If my classmates think I deserve it, then so be it. If not, oh well. Life goes on. You can't be defined by the senior personality that you receive or don't receive. It's not a measure of how good of a person you are or your capabilities. It's nothing but a label and image you present to your classmates that will mean nothing in a few months.

What are the senior personality contests like in your high school?

With much love, Lauren.

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Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

oh highschool. i do not miss those days! you're so close to being done! what fun for the summer!

i love the mustard jacket and that bangle really rocks my ankle socks.

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Unknown said...

Hahaha, I looked through my high school year book recently at those. Some of them were true, mostly the mostly likely to succeed, etc.

The cutest couple broke up a month into college and the girl who won hottest or whatever, is now married and working at a clothing store....

Don't worry about them, in 1 year they won't ever matter! However, you do deserve best dressed!


Anonymous said...

Lovely look.
Very attractive combination with your tights
you are charming

The Beatniq said...

Best dressed will probably go to someone that wears nothing but Hollister and Abercrombie. That's how it was in my high school, which sucked. Good luck, hopefully your school isn't full of turds and they know fashion when they see it!

Teddi said...

you look great lauren all dressed in primary colors. :) i don't remember people campaigning when i was a teen in the dinosaur age, but i remember thinking the whole thing was duh.

amy said...

Oh, homework takes us from the lovely things in life doesn't it.

You have to be one of the sweetest looking girls ever! You always dress with such classiness.

I love the colors xx

sending you happy spells


Em [The Writer] said...

Your outfit totally reminds me of Madeline!!! I LOVE IT! I would comment on the senior personality contests..but I'm not a senior, but from what you've said I have to agree.

Katie Burry said...

What a lovely outfit! That dress is adorable, and I've admired it since I first saw it online. Love. <3

I disagree about the campaigning. I think the most likely to campaign are the people with a low opinion of themselves - or at least, low self esteem. Because if they really valued themselves than they would know that those silly things mean nothing and they wouldn't need that to validate their existence. But since they don't have high self esteem, and think badly of themselves, they need other people's good opinion - other peoples seal of approval, as it may be - to convince themselves that they are doing well. The poor souls just can't see that that will never be enough.

I feel sorry for people like that. :(

Here's hoping the last of your school year is better than how it's been so far!

Anonymous said...

You look super pretty, I adore your dress and your pretty little beret.
We don't have contests like that here, but I can sort of imagine what it is like.....soon it won't matter!
Keep smiling.
X Jane

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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OrigamiGirl said...

That coat/jacket is adorable! It looks like a really comfy outfit to wear as well.

I remember something similar at both the end of school and sixth form. At school they were chosen by the teachers and at sixth form by the head girl and head boy.... So no voting on any occassion but it was ultimately left to a few with biased opinions so not really a win here either.

Celia said...

Bee-yoo-tee-ful, as always. :) Has anyone ever told you that you have an adorable smile?

carrievintage said...

lovely jacket <3

Sweets and Hearts said...

ughhh, we had those too. yeah, the kids that win were all the ones that were in asb (associated student body; the ones that put it together!), and it really was just one big fat popularity contest.

none of that matters anymore though. the superlatives. nobody remembers who won anymore, and i don't even know what happened to a lot of the people that won.

you don't need your peers to tell you you're best dressed--you've already got a loyal following in blogland. much more legit. ;)

anyway, i looooove the primary colors in this outfit! totally something i'd wear :D

Unknown said...

I love this as I always love primary colors together! That yellow jacket is so cute and I love your dress too.

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