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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello sweet ladies and gents!
Just wanted to drop by and show you all a few exciting tidbits I've received in my possession the past few days...

❤ Some adorable business cards to put in treat bags for the Goodwill Fashion show. I was so excited to receive these...they encompass everything I love! The problem is though that I only ordered 100 not thinking that over three hundred tickets were going to be sold on the first day...oops! It definitely scares me to realize how big this fashion show is going to be. I admittedly get stage fright and I am the youngest gal to be presenting, so that definitely intimidates me. Hoping God will be with me on that stage!
❤ Wedges I ordered from Lulu's for my graduation. They were love at first sight- nothing more to say than that!
❤ Lolz. You probably thought that black thing was a bra, didn't you? No sillies, it's a bathing suit top! I was so giddy to find this perfect vintage inspired suit top at the thrift store yesterday that is going to go perfectly with these American Apparel high waisted bottoms I ordered recently.
❤ Another incredibly lucky find I had yesterday! I purchased this authentic 1960's swimsuit yesterday at the thrift store for only $4! Meeps, probably one of my best thrift finds ever. Can't wait to do a pin up inspired shoot with red lipstick and such when the weather gets warmer!

Oh, and in other news I've been meaning to tell you all....MATT GOT A PUPPY. Gosh, it is so stinkin' cute. It's a little Yorkie that's 11 weeks old and weighs only two pounds...He named her Bella and she is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen! I'm going to take pictures of her this weekend to show you all :)

Hope you're doing lovely
With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

those wedges are perfect for spring!


Unknown said...

Everything about this post is just adorable! Hahaha, I totally thought that was a bra, but I'm sure it will look adorable with the high waisted bottoms!

Can't wait to see the puppy pictures!


Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Your calling cards are lovely! So simple and cute. And I am sure you will do terrifically at the fashion show! AND A NEW PUPPY AHHHHHH!!!!! Can't wait to see her! (also, I've got a dog called Bella but shes not a puppy anymore) Have a great day!

Sampada said...

Those wedges are so perfect! And what cute business cards :)

A puppy??? I love dogs, and can't wait to see your snaps of little Bella.



Brianna Wachter said...

The pink and black polka dot cards are amazing in every way. Period :)

Satin and Souffles said...

Looooove the wedges! I need some for summer! & cute business cards!

I'm having an ASOS giveaway, check it out?




Nerd Burger said...

That swimsuit is amazing. What a rad find.
Good luck at the fashion show. The business cards look amazing and i'm sure you will too.

Marise said...

I'm in love with your darling cards! They're perfect <3

kate louise. said...

Your cards are so bloomin' beautiful! <3 xoxo

Unknown said...

I love yorkies.. they are adorable doggies! :-) Love your new business cards.. those are too cute!

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