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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Delicate Underpinnings.

Hello and happy Saturday to all of you lovelies
There's nothing that makes a gal feel more confident and beautiful than a dainty set of undergarments. They're your little pretty secret. Laces and bows. Silks and eyelets. Charmeuse and ribbon. These are the minute details that make me feel like a lady. Whenever I'm having a bad day, slipping on a fancy pair of underwear and bra always makes my heart feel a little less heavy, and my step a little more light. Funny how something so miniscule can make you feel so much better, isn't it?

I was so pleased to discover a site called Adore Me which specializes in all sorts of lingerie and undergarments. It's one of those lovely little sites where you take a survey, and based on your answers an array of undergarments suitable to your preference is presented to you. So handy, right? If you're like me, ordering undergarments online is so much easier and less embarrassing than going into stores, and Adore Me is my perfect solution to doing just that.

I selected the Gracie above which is a pretty underwear and camisole set. Perfect for those hot summer nights when the heat is just unbearable. Every month new collections are presented, so unfortunately this one is no longer available!

I hope you all are doing lovely though and enjoying your weekend...tonight I'm off on a double date with Matt and another couple. After dinner we're going to see The Hunger Games which I am so excited about!
With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

These are adorable. Some people find it very uncomfortable to wear lacy, dainty, and - dare I say it - sexy things. However, I think it is good to feel that that way every once in a while!

Have fun seeing Hunger Games! It is really good!


valentina said...

yeah you're totally right! they nake me smile sometimes!
( i prefer by far the hunger games book than thw movie! )

eline said...

Oh this set is so adorable! I love pink, lacy, girly underwear and this set is really cute. I order most online too since I think it's kind of embarrassing buying them in stores where there are also a lot of men walking around and the lady at the fitting room wants to open the curtain every time to check if you're okay.

And you'll definitely have fun at the Hunger Games! I liked it, not as much as the book but it is absolutely worth seeing and Rue is perfectly how I imagined her to be!

eline said...
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Anonymous said...

These are lovely! I have to check out the site.

Unknown said...

Wow they are gorgeous, so delicate and feminine; just what I like! I wish i had some lovely pieces such as those in my drawer!

xx Carina

P.S have a wonderful Easter Lauren

Anonymous said...

Hunger games is a great movie! Enjoy!

Em [The Writer] said...

THAT IS SO PRETTY! Also you should totally do a review on The Hunger Games!

Emily said...

Thats so true! Whenever I wear some cute undies it makes my day, haha. Those are absolutely gorgeous, I love how you put them on the blinds so the light seeps through them too. Have fun with Matt!

aki! said...

Very, very pretty! I'm definitely taking the quiz right now!

Sweets and Hearts said...

so feminine! i have a secret love for frilly underthings ;)

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