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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life's Snapshots #11.

Hello everyone!
It's been quite awhile since I've done a 'life's snapshots' post and I've had some pictures build up! Here's been what's going on...

1. A little snippet of the goodies in my Easter basket from my lovely grandmother! At 18 I still love getting Easter baskets :) She made sure to include my favorite candy too; mini Cadbury eggs!
2. The beautiful black and white bow heels recently bought to wear with my dress for my graduation party. I'm not allowed to wear them until then (because I'm notorious for messing up shoes), and it's just killing me seeing them sit in my room...
3. And the jewelry to go with my dress and shoes! Pretty black floral pieces to accent my black and white party theme.
4. My free Kent State shirt I recieved in the mail! I'm not a t-shirt fan, but I plan on wearing this baby with pride!
5. The ever-so-talked about Hunger Games books I've been devouring. Thank you to my Aunt Stacey for letting me borrow them!
6. A pair of shiny red flats I purchased at Target today with a gift card I got for Easter. Time to throw away my ratty old pair of red flats from Forever21!
7. Although I already did a post on it, I had to share a snapshot of my graduation announcements that I recently received
8. A little peek at my ever growing collection of Revlon nail polishes...I just love them!
9. Just a silly little photo I took on Easter of myself. I attempted to do some Lana Del Ray waves, but failed miserably :(

Hope you all are doing lovely, and don't forget to peek at my giveaway for a piece of Vedette shapewear if you'd care to!

With much love, Lauren.


Amber Schmidt said...

This is a very sweet post. I always enjoy posts that give a bit more insight into a life. :)

Laura said...

Your photography always amazes me, beautiful pictures!

Teddi said...

i like daily snapshots & descriptions.

Beth said...

I love both of those shoes, and the chocalate!
Thankyou so much for the comment on my blog and my sisters, they were very much appreciated.
You are really a fashion inspiration, my only problem is that my school has a uniform, so I can't wear what I want, on weekends though I try to look nice.
Beth xxx

Unknown said...

Your dress looks so pretty! =]


Britney @ Scout and Company said...

You are an amazing photographer :D

carrievintage said...

lovely blog, I'm a new reader :)

Em [The Writer] said...

SUCH CUTE SHOES! And naw you pulled off that hairdo!!

Unknown said...

I love Revlon nail polish.. they are really nice! :-) Your graduation shoes are ADORABLE. I love them so much, it has to kill not to wear them until the big day! :-)

Menachérie said...

Great photos. Love the red flats (:

Hosting a giveaway for some great accessories if you're interested:


elizabeth marie. said...

awww! have fun at kent state. while you're there, you must go to scribbles coffee shop. it is my favorite place to go. much better than starbucks.

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