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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fallish Finds!

Hello everyone!

So usually early every Saturday morning I just go out thrift shopping to think, relax and do something for my self for once. Thrifting is so great because you get twice the high of shopping because you never know what wonderfully unique item you will find for next to nothing! Last Saturday was a good thrifting day for me I would say :)

  • Black 1980's Dress with Shoulder Pads and Cut Out Neckline ($3). Okay, so this is definitely my favorite piece that I thrifted! I am by no means an edgy person. My style is very dainty, feminine and girly; however, when I saw this dress and tried it on my usual style subsided. The dress fits beautifully is has sort of a hard, daring edge that I really like! I thought that the cut out neckline was really beautiful and the shoulder pads...oh the shoulder pads! Usually terrible 1980's shoulder pads steer me away from any 1980's clothes but these are actually fabulous. They hit me in the right spots, aren't to big, and actually add to the appeal of the dress.
  • Brown Long Sleeve Ruffle Shirt (.99). I love, love,love this piece too! It's almost in a Victorian style with the ruffled bodice and then ruffles at the sleeves ( which I really like!). I really don't own many brown clothes, although I do love to wear brown, so this shirt was an excellent addition to my closet! Another positive is that it's long sleeved to keep me warm in the upcoming months!
  • Black Casual Corner Blazer ($3). Even though I already have a blazer that I love I from Forever21, I still think this was a good and practical. Whereas the F21 blazer is long sleeved and longer in length, this one has a three quarter length sleeve and is quite a bit shorter. I actually think this blazer fits be better than the one from Forever21. It seems to be just made for a girl with short arms and a short torso!
  • Black Charlotte Russe Wedges ($3). So I cheated and I've already showed you all these shoes, haha. But I was very lucky to find these adorable wedges! They were in perfect condition, and come on. Charlotte Russe? I couldn't pass them up!

Thrifting Total: $10.00!

Hope you all are doing great! Oh, and on Friday I have some very,very important news I want to share with you all...


P.S. Some of you might want to check the post below to see if I passed on a blog award to you! Chance are I most likely did :)


Carys said...

I know what you mean, I'm always a little wary of shoulder pads and usually take them out, but I have one playsuit where they do definitely add to the shape. Those finds are so wonderful, I love the frills on the shirt and the colour, it's so perfet for autumn, and the dress is amazing!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! love them all! you are so lucky! here in thessaloniki, there are no thrifting places! snif!

Mila said...

Awesome finds! I love them all...can't wait to see how you wear them. Thanks so much for the blog award!! It's really sweet of you--thank you so so much:) Can't wait for the big news!


Sandy said...

I absolutely love the ruffle shirt! I just got something very similar but it's in black. Can't wait to wear it. I am really envious the fact you can shrift shop. It's so hard to find a thrift store from where I am...

HDM said...

I can't wait to see these on you!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

all these blog posts about thrifting makes me wanna go !!!! lol.. i haven't done thrift shopping yet.. i'm on for a great adventure.


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