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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Brown Cowboy Boots..

Pink Ruffle Dress: Forever21.
Brown Belt: Kohls.
Brown Tights: Forever21.
Satin Bow Headband: Forever21.
Brown Cowboy boots: Debs.
These cowboy boots I'm wearing have a really funny story behind them,and are actually the first "fashionable" thing that came into my possession! I was in the 6th grade, going through a really awkward stage where I wasn't confident,and didn't know who I was. I was interested in fashion, but I was too shy and unsure how to be fashionable. I did know however, that all the "cool" kids at school were wearing cowboy boots that year, and that was the item to take my geeky self to a fashionista! My best friends at the time bought a pair for me for my 13th birthday; however, my birthday was in August and it was only January. I couldn't wait till my birthday to get them, so I had my friends give them to me early. I would go out of the house in the morning, put them on outside, wear them all day, then take them off before I got home so my parents wouldn't know. The boots made me feel hip, cool, confident; something I had never felt before!
When my birthday did eventually come in August, and I received the boots for real my mom looked at them closely. I remember her saying to me, " these boots look like they've been worn!" I told her I had no idea of what could have happened,and agreed with her that one of my friends must have worn them themselves.....:) hahahaha this story still makes me laugh!
I hardly EVER wear these boots anymore though, now I find they don't particularly match my style at all. But the important thing about them is, that they were the start to me finding myself and what my style was about. Later down the road I would learn that it's not about what's "cool" at the moment, but what you like that you should wear. It would be a few years till I would grow out of that awkward stage and learn how to dress myself, but whenever I felt unsure; the boots would always be there to wear..

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