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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two more days!

Pink sweater: Old Navy.
Flower Skirt: Forever21.
Nude colored Pumps: Thrifted.
Strand of Pearls: Thrifted.
Brown Belt: Kohl's.
Pink Sunglasses: Gabriel Brother's.

Only two more days until I'm off for Thanskgiving Break! I'm having a hard time keeping my focus at this last strech of time; but I really need to stay with it! I have alot of tests these upcoming days.( The grading period ends on Tuesday; therefore, teachers are rusing to get in grades.)

I'm am excited for something else though other than break that my mother told me yesterday; we're getting our pictures taken! She wants some Christmas cards to be sent out this year (hahaha...), so my little sister and I will be getting a few pictures professionally done. The reason why I am excited is because I will get to wear this dress I oringinally got for homecoming this year. I did not wear it because I had ordered it offline, and it didn't quite touch my knees, which was a dress code rule for the dance. I kept it anyways because it was so gorgeous and now the perfect time arose to wear it!

It's a deep red satin with rosetts decorating the bottom, which flairs out. The dress is a one shoulder dress, and the one shoulder is decorated beautifully with a burst of matching rosetts. A large satin bow belt ties around the waist to complete this stunning dress! I'm going to pair some black opaque tights with it, and also these shoes I got from my church garage sale. There have a small heel,and are black velvet with tiny silver circle pendants on them. They are the perfect big girl Christmas shoes! Hopefully, I can post pictures of the pictures after we get them taken :)

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