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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Lucky Day of Thrifting..

Today was really my lucky day! It was officially my first day of Thanksgiving Break, and to start it off my grandmother and grandfather invited my sister and I to spend some time with them. First, this morning we went to Applebee's where we did some catching up; all of us have been so busy! It was nice just to talk about life and eat at my favorite restaurant :)

Next, though was the part that I had really been looking forward to; thrift shopping! There is probably only one decent "vintage" store you could call it in my town, so off we went to this little jewel! The place is called What Goes Around, and was created to help get money for Hospice, which helps people with diseases. It opened about a little over a year ago, and since then has been my favorite go to spot for old things. Never before there have I had so much luck though! As soon as I walked into the store, my eyes zoned in on two vintage hats; one of my favorite things to collect! One was a lovely, little hat that was decorated with flowers and sat at a tilt on your head. The other was was equally gorgeous; it was navy and white with a veil (perfect condition!), and had a small bow with little jewels. This was the first time I had found real vintage hats at this store before,and believe me I was estatic! Already on a "vintage shopping high,"I continued to look around the store when I stumbled on the dress.

This vintage dress I found was STUNNING! The length was floor, and it was black material and covered in these very intricate designs of lines of black beading. There was so much beading that the dress weighed a ton! The top of the dress was no more less exquisite than the bottom; it was adorned with beautiful,sparkling sequins and beading with gold and silver accents. I tried the dress on and felt like a glamorous actress from the 1930's,and thought I was happy until....

...My grandfather brought me that hat in the pictures above! I then truely fell in love :) The hat fit perfectly with the dress,and made me feel like a million bucks! Although the dress tag said it was a large, and I wear a medium, the fit wasn't too bad,but it could be taken in a bit under the arms. And just when you thought that I couldn't fall even more for this dress and hat, the price put the cherry on top! Can you believe that the hat was only $4?? The dress was $20, which I could NOT believe; this thing could have been hundreds of dollars! Sadly though, the dress did not come home with me, you can't get everything you want sometimes. However, it might be comming home with me very soon; my mother and I are going to look at it again on Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get to take this dream dress home!

As if I wasn't on cloud nine already, I went to another antique/vintage shop across the street from What Goes Around. This place was amazing, every thrifter's fantasy. The interesting things in the store were just never ending, and I don't think I closed my mouth the entire time...
There were so many nick nacks and baubbles in this store that I just about went nuts, hopefully I can take pictures sometime so I can show you; for I am at a loss for words! The stand out piece at this store though was the beautiful red brimmed hat from the 1950's. It was made of straw, wide brimmed, with a red ribbon at the top, and even a ribbon to tie underneath your neck. This store was a bit more pricey that the last though( but proably the actual price for real vintage hats), and I sadly had to leave this beauty behind also. The store owner did go down in price though on it from $30 to $20, so maybe it will show up under the Christmas Tree yet..

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