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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thinking Of You.

Whether you like the singer Katy Perry or not, you must watch her music video of, Thinking Of You, right away! It is my favorite music video of all time,and very inspiring towards vintage clothing. I want to take every single outfit out of the video and wear it myself!
The story is set in the 1940's in the midst of World War 2 raging. Katy's lover was sent off to the war to fight, and throughout the video,Katy has flash backs of memories with him. In the video she has the most darling saddle shoes, play suits, and floral cotton dresses, with perfect hairstlyes to compliment all of it! My two favorite looks though have to be at the swing dance,and at the very end of the video, where Katy wears a stunning veil hat and red lipstick. Hopefully when you watch the video, you fall in love with everything in it like I have; it's hard not to!

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