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Monday, November 23, 2009

Time will tell...

Black T-shirt: Buy 1 get 1 free JcPenny's.
Skirt: Free!
Shoes Deb's( For only $1!)
Belt: Walmart.
Leopard Scarf: Found at a track meet in the 8th grade :)
Today I got a lot of comments from people at school how they can see me being a high powered business woman. Ha! That would be one field of work I would never want to venture into. I always dislike when people ask the dreaded question for high schoolers, " and what do you want to study in college?" Ugh, I hate it! I have a few ideas, but none are very certain yet..
1. Be a stylist. What I would really want to do, and it would be a job I would enjoy. The only problem is that it's not very practical that I would ever make it; the fashion business is extremely selective. All the rejects work in retail, and I'm not paying thousands of dollars to go to college to do that!
2.A Spanish Teacher. I love foreign languages, and they come rather easy to me. I've always pictured myself being a teacher, and it would be wonderful to teach something I love. I would also get to study abroad in college, which would be an amazing experience! The downside to this job though, it that it is quite boring,and I'm not sure if I would be fully happy.
3. A Translator. This job goes along with my love of foreign languages, which I would get to perform everyday. I would get to travel the world, see new people, and new things. I hope to someday have a family though and settle down, which this job would make very hard to do so!
Maybe I won't even choose any of these jobs, who knows! Only time will tell..

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