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Friday, November 20, 2015

Utilitarian Stripes.

Striped Turtleneck (similar): Aeropostale.
Burgundy Skirt (identical + only $10!): c/o OASAP.
Black Boots (similar): H&M.

Hello there ♥ 

My facebook has seemed like a war zone as of late between the fiery opinions of all my friends not only of the US, but abroad, as well, in light of the recent attacks on Paris. So much about refugee admission, counteracting terrorism, Islamophobia, and necessary next steps the world should take flood my feed. And it's all important. I think as being a millennial, I am at a greater benefit than any generation before me to educate myself with the enormous breadth of resources and opinions out there. I see such a divide between every one and so much biases. It saddens me. We should all be united, despite our varying opinions, and respectful always of others and the thoughts they may have on issues.

I think making sure to have a well rounded, full education of all aspects is so important. So many people only read the articles or seek news sources skewed to their preferred side instead of further challenging their mind, beliefs, and ideals to perhaps think outside of the box.

As a fashion major, we can get the stigma to be rather vain, vapid, and uneducated on many topics outside of our industry. I hope to always represent fashion well in being a seeker of knowledge and information so I can form my own ideals and not the ideals based off of the herd. One of the most important things to do in crisis like these is to properly learn, then listen...you'll be surprised at what you hear. x

With much love, Lauren.


Isabella said...

That's how all of social media is. It's honestly exhausting. It's important and a huge issue that is facing us, but sometimes I just need a break from seeing it everywhere.


SB said...

Social media can be so overwhelming at times with everyone sharing their thoughts and opinions often as though that was the only right way to think. I've been finding it a bit hard of late to balance it all out.
I've found myself as of late stumbling upon people who's opinions and views are totally different to mine and that I would never have come across if it wasn't for the internet. It has been terrifying and eyeopening at the same time. Although I don't agree with them I believe it is important to understand or at least try to understand and as you say to be respectful of their opinions. It isn't always easy though is it?
I think though you are right as Millennials we are in a unique position, hopefully things will improve soon.

Kezzie said...

True, true true. I tend not to ever read the news or listen to or watch it but sometimes perhaps I need a bot more education. The world is a very difficult place right now with all that is going on.

Since you mention Facebook, is there any remote chance you could check my current post and vote for me at all on Facebook as I've entered a competition based on an outfit and since I'm not on Facebook, don't have much chance for votes. Only if you like the outfit though or can be bothered to, as I really wouldn't want to be an inconvenience!x

Carmel Elizabeth said...

I so agree! One of my main goals is to create a facet for the fashion-loving who still aspire to be intellectuals as well. Being in the fashion industry does not have to mean you isolate yourself from anything serious and important. Fashion can be just as pivotal in the global scene, and I think it's important that we be active within it. Bye bye, stereotypes. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you cut your hair shorter?

Simona said...

Totally agree with you dear! I think we should stay broad-minded and keep together. Btw, you're so pretty! <3

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