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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hullabaloo Fashion Show 2015.

Hi guys!

So last week I had the chance to attend and get a back stage look at my very first fashion show! It was an amazing event called Hullabaloo put on by Valerie Mayen who was on season 8 of Project Runway and is an Ohioan from Cleveland! This was the fourth annual show she has put on & every year she holds it at a different venue in Cleveland and with a different theme. This year's was inspired by strong empowering women; in particular those at Laura's Home in Cleveland which is a women's crisis center organization.

The event was seriously incredible and I felt so honored to be there! Everything was hustling and bustling and I made sure to hit up the candy table before the crowds started arriving, ha. I got to meet Valerie whom was so kind and sweet, and then went back stage to look at the madness that comes before the beauty! The hair and makeup were super inspiring for me. I loved the bold brows with glitter (might take on the trend for my eyes!) and the parallel showing bobby pins. I thought this was a brilliant beauty look and am excited to try out with my short hair for a little extra twist! 

Around the venue their were live illustrators sketching, a pop up shop with tons of cute things (those panda leggings though above...), food, drinks, and a fun photo station! The show itself was full of twists and turns with Mondo Guerra (winner of project runway allstars!) showing a capsule collection, a dance performance, Valerie showing her 40 piece collection, a live marching band that came out, and then Valerie even played the most amazing tribute to a dear friend on her ukulele. 

I was super impressed by the clothes and it was inspiring as a current student to see the work and detail put into these one of a kind garments up close. There were lots of feminine touches and unique little details which are two things I love clothing to have. Seeing this fashion show made me so excited about my upcoming entry into the fashion industry; it's such a thrilling, passionate, driven field of work that I'm honored to be a part of.

Valerie has a website,Yellowcake, where she sells some of her pieces, and they'll be doing a brand re launch soon! And I loved some of Valerie's last words when she was explaining the inspiration behind her collection. I think it was spot on in so many ways:

"It's okay to be emotional and be vulnerable. It's okay to cry sometimes because as women we are still so strong. That's what this collection is for. For women. For everyone who believes in us and what we do." 

With much love, Lauren.


Moonstyle said...

nice pics!love the glittered shoes!

Carmel Elizabeth said...

Everything looks so amazing! It makes me wish I had the platform to show my own designs. How cool would that be?!

Madison said...

What an incredible and exciting experience Lauren! Getting to go behind the scenes must have been utterly fabulous!

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