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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monochromatic Cream.

Lace Blouse (similar): Thrifted.
Suede Skirt (similar): Thrifted.
Tan Coat (similar): Forever21.
Nude Oxfords (similar): Forever21.
Clip Earrings  (worn as collar clips) similar/clip: Thrifted.
Floral Hair Pins (similar): Ulta.

Hello guys!

This was the amazing skirt I was talking about in my previous post! It's vintage 1970's heaven...I've really been into monochromatic looks lately: taking one hue and wearing pieces in various shades and tones of it. Also, a really simple style tip I love to do is taking earrings from my clip collection and using them as collar clips! It adds a little something special and extra to just a plain blouse. 

Another little thing I loved doing in this look was the parallel hair pins! Having short hair definitely doesn't mean you're limited to doing different styles and trends; it just means you have to find ones less common! The models at the Hullabaloo fashion show rocked this visible bobby pin trend, and I thought it would be perfect to try out with my short locks. My mother got me these darling floral printed large bobby pins a few weeks ago, and they were just the cherry on top to this outfit. I'm excited to have a new way to style my hair (not that I don't love my short hair; it's just nice to mix things up!) that's easy and super cute. x

With much love, Lauren.


Madison said...

This ensemble is so perfect! Loved getting to see the skirt you were talking about and also neat to see you implementing the hair pin look you got from the runway show!

Carmel Elizabeth said...

So lovely! I like the way you've added clips to your collar-tips. :)

Kezzie said...

I bought some beautiful pink vintage enamel peacock clip on earrings from a charity shop and used them as collarclips too which you can see here
- it is an idea I THINK I got from you originally! The tan skirt is nice. I love wearing multiple bobbypins in my hair but some of them really do rip my hair out which hurts- not perfected the art of removing them!

Isabella said...

Oh, my! How lucky you are to have thrifted that!!!!!


Unknown said...

This is such a fantastic classic look. I'm loving the neutral colors here, the triple bobby pins, and that amazing vintage suede skirt. Also, thanks for the tip on using clip on earrings as collar clips. I have quite a few and they're so uncomfortable to wear as actual earrings, I'll have to try your idea!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Sophie said...

Wow you completely lucked out thrifted that skirt. Such a beauty!

Miche said...

Lauren, these photos and this outfit are perfection. I can't believe you thrifted that skirt, so in love with it!

Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Andrea said...

Such a beautifully sweet outfit. I love the combination of neutral shades and the added twists which make it your own.
How lucky to have found such pretty items and what a great way to showcase them.

Unknown said...

I love that blouse.

Sinead said...

This outfit is absolutely gorgeous, Lauren!! I love the shape of the skirt and the colours, such a wonderful combination! :)

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