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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cream Polka Dots.

Polka Dot Dress: Forever21.
Floppy Hat, Vintage D&B Purse: Thrifted.
Flats: c/o Pink and Pepper.

Hello there!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter. It was a well spent holiday for me. I got to attend a service at my home church which was so nice since I hardly ever get to with being away at college. I sometimes feel at a constant push and pull with my faith. I'll get in heated passion about it for awhile and constantly pull Christ towards me...and then it seems like something just happens and I push, push away and want to do things my own way. I guess that's just part of still being a relatively new Christian of about three years. Faith is never something constant. It's always changing and always growing...the important thing is to just never give up that faith, no matter what confusing or dry period you may be in.

It was also great just to spend lots of time with my family this weekend and bond with them. Close and extended family! They all spoilt me too much with chocolates of all kinds, restocks on coffee, and my grandmother gave me the prettiest stationary cards (you can see them on my insta @passingwhimsies). My little sister and I played monopoly like fiends every night because that's her new favorite thing to do with me. We go in phases where we obsessively only do one activity whenever we're together; it's been Wii, Monster High Dolls, drawing...I'm happy that it's monopoly right now because it was always my favorite game as a kid and I still really enjoy playing it! Our games get pretty heated, but not without lots of giggles...my mother heard us in the other room one night laughing our heads off and asked us what could have been so funny based on our laughs. Couldn't tell her-- it's a sister thing ;)

I'm back at Kent now with not much longer until this semester comes to a close. My classes are going really well, and I always enjoy going to them! I've become quite cozy in my apartment and tend to spend a little too much time here in my comfort zone. But just having my own place has been amazing and a nice break from all the roommate situations I've had over the years. I'm super glad I'll have this place for next year, as well! 

Hope all is well with you guys...love you lots! x

With much love, Lauren.


Katie Selt said...

I'm so glad your Easter was a good one!

You look so great in creams and browns, I'm envious. <3

Katie | www.katielikeme.com

Tineke said...

I`m in love with your dress!
xx Tineke

Kezzie said...

Glad you had a lovely Easter and I can understand the sisterly laughing. My husband and I were driving home from Northumberland last night and trying to sing 'Flight of the bumblebee' sharing it between us and were in absolute fits but to an onlooker....
I've always liked that dress although I'd say they were more cappuccino than cream!!!x

Kezzie said...

...oh and I celebrated by TENTH blog anniversary the other day, can you believe it, I've blogged for 10years. As a long term blog friend of a large proportion of that, I wanted to say thank you for your inspiration and for helping inspire me to do more with my blog than I did in the early days.x

The Magpie said...

I love those thrifted bags! I just found of of the same brand at a thrift store, and it's green and brown. Can't wait to wear it either.

Love the double rows of buttons also :)

Anonymous said...

just looked at your twitter, why you gotta hate on kylie jenner tho? kinda fuked up son

Ashleigh said...

I love your hair ombred ( I think thats how you spell it. ) And the dress and purse are adorable together.

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