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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Light to Follow.

Polka Dot Blouse: Thrifted.
Stone Necklace: Forever21.
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: Aeropostale.
Tan Fedora Hat: Brandy Melville. 
Lipstick: Tarte Lip Insurance Pencil in 'Serene'

Hello there! ♥

A comfy, casual outfit for today's blog. I love these boyfriend jeans I bought at Aero when I worked there, but the pre distressed holes have only gotten bigger as time wears on...I completely blew out the knee on one a few months ago working a floor set and haven't really worn them since. But today I just wanted to wear something comfy and roomy so I thought, "what the heck, I'll bring them back out again!" Paired them with a trusty silk blouse I thrifted back a few years ago-- I know, I know...you all are probably sick of seeing me in polka dots! I think this makes four times in the last two weeks at least? I concentrated on smaller details of the outfit to make it a tad more special and "me", so I paired a delicate stone necklace with the blouse and my trust tan hat I got while in Italy. Finally, I wore my perfect flats from Loly in the Sky. I seriously wear these nearly every day because they're just so comfy and they go with everything!

I was just thinking yesterday how crazy it is how long I've been blogging and doing this. I was looking at all of my stats, and saw I was over 1,500 total posts and nearly at 2 million total page views. Out of those 1,500 posts, over a thousand of them are outfits! THAT IS CRAZY. To think I have a thousand-ish outfit photo sets floating out there and that I've taken that many.... mind = blown. Five years later I'm still going strong, loving blogging. Can't imagine my life without it!

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

Such a nice outfit!
x Angela // bouncingbrunette.blogspot.com

In Kinsey's Closet said...

I love your more casual outfits! I could recreate this with things from my own closet!

Kezzie said...

Hello Lauren,
I like the polka dots, keep them up! Honestly, they are one of my favourite things and I really like the blouse and the straightened hair look (not so keen on distressed jeans but that's never been my thing! You make them work!) I've just got back from a glorious week in the countryside AND I met up with another blogger (gave her a polka dot scarf as she loves them too!) I still can't fathom that we managed to meet despite the geography!

2 million page views is incredible, you should be proud of that! I have nothing remotely like that but I am still proud of my 10 years!

I was SO happy today (and I know you'll be envious!!!) because I thrifted an Orla Keily red dress (very Audrey style) - it is delightful and has a tea-cup pattern and a bow on the front! I couldn't believe it when I saw it and pounced instantly! Can't wait to wear it!

Unknown said...

What a cute outfit! I love the feminine details with the boyfriend jeans. Such a nice mix! <3

Its so cool that you've had the same blog for five years! I wish I'd been able to keep the same blog for my entire blogging career so I could see how many posts I'd have. Unfortunately my first two blogs got deleted when the site I hosted them on went under.

Also, seeing these photos makes me miss you and all the fun we had in Mansfield! I wish you could come visit me this year, but I'm so excited for you and your internship!

Unknown said...

You are adorable even in ripped jeans! :P How do you do it? That shirt is absolutely fabulous!

Anyway, saw about 17 and Cosmo! How exciting - congrats! Couldn't have gone to a better person!

Missing you!


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