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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rinse, Repeat.

Orange Lace Dress: Fig Leaf.
Kimmono: Aeropostale.
Point Necklace: Thrifted.
Oxfords: Clothing swap, originally via F21.
Hat: c/o OASAP.

Hello there.

The further away I am from the experience, the more fondly I look upon my last semester studying abroad. I flip through little mementos or will sometimes see something on Facebook about Florence (Katy P. was recently there at the exact Gucci museum I visited) and get a tinge of sadness. I do miss it. 

I think though what I'm finding (and everyone says this) that coming back from studying abroad is harder than the actual experience sometimes. For me, just like my trip, it's not hard in the way most students experience. They long again for the free lifestyle of doing what they want in a city where it seems there are no limits on food, adventure, or people. For me though, I just am finding such a hard readjustment to this person I've become since living over there.

Specifically with my style. It is all over the place and every morning I almost dread getting dressed because I know I won't be able to come up with anything that makes me feel good/I'm satisfied with. I cannot undo the experiences of the places I saw, people I studied, and brands I was exposed to over there. Mixing all that with the style I had before that felt "so me" I come out with a mishmash mess of confusing elements that lack cohesion. I can't decide and frankly don't know who I want to be, and I haven't had this frustrating phase in my 'style' since I was first introduced to fashion in the 7th grade, embarking on finding my personal style.

It's somewhat disheartening as a "personal style blogger" to not know what the heck you're doing right now when people expect things from you. I'm sure you all have noticed the lack of outfit posts on here recently, and although I do them because I love them, there is still a guilty part inside of me because I'm not doing technically what people "read my blog for." I'm not an expert on makeup, I can't really write all that engagingly, and my every day photos are sub-par. So, I've always stuck with putting outfits together; mixing, matching, and styling. But it seems when I can't even do that...I feel lost.

I know I'll dig my way out of what seems like a crater of a style rut, but for now the transitioning process is hard and something I feel like I (too repetitively) speak about on here. But I feel like it's important I suppose to talk about these huge, monumental shifts in style because they define a new era of ourselves. I'm scared for this new era and feel helplessly unequipped; but in the end I'll be the girl I aspire to be and that is worth it. x

With much love, Lauren.



Ashleigh said...

I know exactly what you mean. I can't believe how much my style has changed from a year ago. I was a completely different person, fashion wise and mentally. But, don't think that your blog isn't engaging or interesting. I love your posts and you have great taste in clothes. I only wish I was as brave as you at wearing what I love.
And I know exactly what you mean about dreading getting dressed. I feel like I can put things together in my head, but in real life they just don't work out as well.
I think your blog is wonderful and would miss it if you stopped writing.

Unknown said...

Correction: you know how to wrap words as beautifully as you dress!!!

Any times a lass goes through a significant change, it is (usually) reflected in how she dresses - how she presents herself to the world ... I think what has happened with you, my dear online friend, is that you have the whole vision in your head of how you want to look now - but when you open your closet, the pieces reflect a different time and place and person (with some notable exceptions, like that burgundy sweater dress that made you look very Euro-centric) .... Hmmm ... is there such a thing as a blog swap, where a blogger who is changing her looks, can exchange closets with someone in the same position???

Tara said...

Hi Lauren

I think that these links might help you revamp your style :)



Katie Selt said...

If it's any consolation, I've never looked at a piece and went "that's my style", but rather "that's something I can incorporate into my wardrobe".
Undoubtedly, the biggest part of being a personal style blogger is the personal style aspect of it, and I totally understand how disheartening it is to create an outfit that doesn't necessarily match your mood or your current state.

I think your trip abroad matured you, and when you open your closet, it doesn't reflect that maturity. And, there's nothing wrong with that, so never feel like you're letting your readers down because of it. We all grow up and we all mature, so eventually, our tastes in clothing will, too.

Katie | www.katielikeme.com

Unknown said...

Such a creative look. I like it.

SB said...

I think you write beautifully.

I know this probably won't make you feel any better but you're not alone with how you feel with regards to your personal style, as others have said before. I am also going through a change with my style I think it is natural and just part of the passing of time and growing up. Our tastes change and what we liked even just a few months ago just isn't 'us' anymore.

I am toying with the idea of trying to create a capsule wardrobe perhaps by doing something like Project 333 to see if I can really narrow down what I like and what is 'me' right now. I don't suppose that would work for you with your blog but we all go through phases where we outgrow things it isn't necessarily a bad thing in fact I think it is a good thing as it shows that we are growing as a person, it just sucks in the transitional stage between who we knew we were and the uncertainty of who we are becoming.

I also saw on your Instagram that you are going through a dry patch with your faith again please know you are not alone with that. I am also going through a rough patch with my faith and it makes me so sad and lonely but God is still there even when we can't see or feel Him. To me your Internship is proof of His guiding presence, I'm not saying that you didn't earn that position on your own merit just that God helped guide you, gave you the opportunities and the qualities that such an amazing company were looking for.

Like someone said on your Insta I think the cold and bleak weather doesn't help but chin up chuck spring is just around the corner when the World starts to come alive again, I have faith that the same will be true for you. Just as the flowers will surly bloom after the dark of winter so will your faith and your style will, but whereas the flower will always look the same you will bloom a new.

Wow that was erm rather poetic? I'm not sure where that came from lol.

anna.pogribnyak said...

I think that "your own style" is not such a big deal. As you sad, you just wake up in the morning and put on anything you like. Some days are more "stylish", others are not. Every day is a new day! That's why I love to mix styles so much.

I really loved your blog, and thanks so much for following me on bloglovin<3


Anonymous said...

Sometimes in life we lose are way from what has inspired us. For you its fashion. Don't feel down, everyone goes through changes in life and for you its your style. If your style has changed its because you have changed. Change is good. Be positive. In the fashion industry style is never constant. Don't worry you'll find your passion again. How ever your style evolves it wont matter as long your happy! Cheers

Kezzie said...

Don't be disheartened. It IS hard coming back from a time abroad. You think to yourself, "Im not like the other travellers, I feel the same" but inevitably, you do. Everyone thinks the same, me too, they think they are the exception to it.
I always love your outfits, whatever they may be and you KNOW you write engagingly, no subconscious false modesty here, you know that it sets you apart from other fashion/style bloggers and it always has. I wouldn't love your blog so much if it didn't. Remember, the winter blues tends to affect us in all sorts of strange ways, makes us doubt who we are, what we do, sets up all sorts of false ideas in our heads. I have been unbelievably gloomy these past two months at the thought of the daily grind.

For what it's worth and I'm not sure my opinion is worth anything here, you will find a way to make your wardrobe work, you always do and you will find your way. I read SB's comment above and sorry you're going through a dry patch with faith. Me too if I'm honest. Let's pray for each other, SB too and for those around us who are also. Jesus will sustain us. x

LaurenLovesLaughter said...

First off - you're writing is beautiful and absolutely engaging! You have a way with words that I never could and you do an amazing job of describing feelings that I can often completely relate to and I think - wow, you put it into writing perfectly.

I think everyone goes through a bit of a style slump and some stage and you just need time to get through it. Regardless of what you think of your style, I've still been really enjoying your posts and outfits! :)

Lauren xx

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