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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Year of Thrift.

90's Denim Dress, Pink Loafers, Earrings (used as collar clips): Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Please Me.

Hello everyone! ♥

I'm so proud this is an entirely thrifted outfit. If I can think back correctly, I don't think I've bought any new clothes since coming home from Italy that weren't thrifted (besides gift cards I was obviously obligated to spend at the appointed place). It makes me feel proud. I am a huge advocate of thrifting, not just because it saves me money but for other more important reasons. It fuels a job market for (sometimes, not all the time) disadvantaged workers at these shops I go, whereas otherwise they would be out of work. It supports the community by portions of my purchases going to help out families in need around the area. And thrifting also takes a stand in sustainability-- using the products we've already made instead of using up resources in order to make new ones (which in reality, we don't really need). There is amazing, inspiring stuff at thrift stores and the 'smell or dirtiness' like you may have heard shouldn't deter you away. Things can be washed, you can put hand sanitizer on if you'd like...The chance at missing out on finding amazing pieces & helping so many causes shouldn't be brushed away simply because of these easily fixed things. 

Try watching some thrift hauls on Youtube for inspiration of the amazing stuff people find in thrift stores. One of my favorites is Anastasjia Louise-- I can definitely say that more than once after watching one of her thrift hauls I went out myself later that day.

If you'd like to start thrifting but don't know how, I'd love to give you some tips or tricks that I've learned throughout the years. It's too hard to reply to comments on here, so find me on instagram with @passingwhimsies and leave questions in the comments or on my Facebook page Someone Like You and post to the wall. I'd love to help get you started! x

With much love, Lauren.


Ruby Sterland said...

Okay you've persuaded me Lauren, I need to start thrifting! Love how you put earrings on your collar. Such a pretty detail! x


C R said...

Yes!! All of these are such great reasons to start thrifting. It's so important to think of all our purchases as having a global impact--if you buy at a chain store, not all your money stays in your community, and every item you buy new uses many resources. It makes me so frustrated to see people constantly buying and throwing out new clothes and products without thinking that those products go sit in a landfill and don't just disappear somewhere.

Philly is seriously lacking in quality thrift stores, though! After reading your blog and some other Ohioans', I think I might have to make a trip out to the Midwest soon for thrifting!

Unknown said...

Adorable! I'm loving that dress on you! I need to check out Anastajia's thrift hauls - those are always so fun to watch!


Unknown said...

Love how you styled your hair for this one.

Ashley Holloway said...

I seriously never thought of using clip-on earrings on my collar, definitely borrowing that idea!

Also I can't believe there are thrifting hauls on youtube and I didn't know about them! That sounds like something I would totally be into! I also am definitely interested in trying out some videos myself, since people always seem to be fascinated by what I thrift~

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