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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Why hello there. 

I've noticed a little trend on my instagram lately that includes all things in different hues of pink. It seems cupid must have shot me with his arrow this month and replaced my love of red (gasp) for the girliest of colors. Not that I mind at all though ♥ These are just some pretty photos of pink things catching my eye this month-- 

a vintage 60's nightgown I thrifted awhile back//delicious + cheery Dunkin Donut's runs// a look into my MAC lipstick collection (most are shades of pink)// and the brightness of one of my new succulents' bloossom

I think I want to kind of do more...pointless (?) sort of posts like this on this blog. Over the past five years I've mainly just done outfit posts, but I think sort of rambly, inspiration, thought posts are kind of nice too. They're more personal and real. They're a little something I personally like to read on other blogs, and think I would like to incorporate into my own. x

With much love,

P.S. If you'd care to see more photos of my every day life, my instagram is @passingwhimsies.


Ruby Sterland said...

Love that pink dress! I like posts like this too, it's nice reading :) xx


Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

I love random rambley posts! You should definitely do more!

Ashley Holloway said...

I love vintage nightgowns, and I have a huge collection, we could totally be real life best friends hehe :) I just moved into my first house and my friends bought me a couple of succulents to brighten my house (they're in super cute little pots, including one that's a Siamese cat)! They're very easy to take care of even for somebody like me who isn't the best at taking care of such things!

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