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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Keep On Groovin'

Green Trapeze Dress, Black Hat: c/o OASAP.
Black Faux Leather Jacket: H&M.
Black Ankle Boots, Pearl Necklace: Thrifted.
Polka Dot Top (worn underneath): Aeropostale.
Lipstick in MAC's Rebel.

Hello there everyone!

I truly can't complain too much about life lately-- it's been pretty darn swell. I feel really settled into my apartment here at college, and have begun having fun with decorating it. I am, of course, on a college student's budget so that consists of mostly thrifting decor or making it myself. I left a lot of my stuff though at home like my globe and my instagram wall prints, so I hope to bring those up next time I'm home! I also want to grab my clothing rack I used to hang my vintage store's stock on and just kind of display pretty things on it for looks. One thing I did definitely want to purchase new though was....SUCCULENT PLANTS! I have been really intrigued by these for awhile now and searched high and low for them. I got the suggestion to try Home Depot, and I went today and they had the best (aka cutest) selection. I picked up two: one a cactus and one a shorter leafed plant. I'm kind of nervous about them to be honest because I've never owned a plant before or done anything of the sort...I know they're the most low maintenance plants you can get, but I'm still convinced I'll end up messing them up somehow, ha. I thrifted some cute little pots for them to be re-potted in, so I'm looking forward to doing that maybe tomorrow. Any tips you all could give me on taking care of the plants/repotting would be so appreciated! ♥ 

Also, I've gotten a little bit into cooking recently, too! In my dorm the first two years I only had a microwave, so now that I have an oven and stove there's so many more possibilities...I mostly enjoy baking things. Muffins and biscuits. I fixed some sweet potato ones the other day and they were amazing-- yum, yum, yum!

Andddd my final obsession as of recently? Tea. I tried getting into drinking tea last year, but I just felt like it tasted like ahem, nothing, and would add a BUNCH of sugar to it to help the taste. Well, I eventually got out of drinking it because I felt it was just "meh," but my aunt got me some earl grey k-cups for my keriug for Christmas and I started using them recently. I drank it without sugar and was kind of amazed at how I could think last year that tea had "no flavour." Between that earl grey and bags of twinning's breakfast tea + some dessert tea I had from last year I've been drinking a cup or two a day. Mostly at night. I find it just so, so soothing and relaxing, and really helps clear my thoughts and wind me down after a long day. Mint is another favorite of mine-- it just gives me such clarity--and I look forward to maybe picking up some of that when I've finished off all of the tea I've accumulated thus far! Tea recommendations are welcome down below, as well :)

With much love, Lauren.


CaptMO/ DJ ABO said...

There's SO much that you have to discover about cooking!!! I'm a coffee person myself, BUT! I would have to go for Earl Grey or Orange Spice Tea ANYTIME!!! Hot or cold!!! Earl Grey! Capt. Jean-Luc Picard's favorite was Earl Grey!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You should try Yerba Mate I buy it at Sprouts its really good tea and its good for you If i want it sweet i just add raw honey. I buy the package tea but they have loose leaf too. Heres a website on its benefits http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/6-health-benefits-of-yerba-mate-tea.html

Zika Vica said...


Anonymous said...

I am really happy for you <3 Just wanted to say this, because I feel awful and you make me feel better, thank you.

Kezzie said...

Earl grey is the best!!! One really nice tea combination is jasmine and rose tea. I really like that! We have some yogi tea bags which have that combo.
Also Lady Grey tea is even more fragrant than earl grey!x

ensembledeux said...

I absolutely love this outfit!! Very cute!


Unknown said...

I go on huge tea kicks once in a while. Or I'll have a cup after my morning coffee just to mix things up. The good thing about tea is it's still palatable after it cools down. Unlike lukewarm coffee!

Anyway, this green dress looks awesome on you. It's a really neat shape and the round lace pattern is super cool. The leather jacket is perfect with it.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Unknown said...

Love this OOTD!

Am chuckling about what u wrote about tea, because I was just watching some 1940s tv commercials via YouTube and that's exactly what they said ;) I especially like the speciality teas for when you have congestion, your period, et al ... and the teas that have stories on them - what brand is that??? They're in the supermarket aisle.

Anonymous said...

That's what I love about tea! so soothing and relaxing and comforting. My personal favorites are PG Tips, Earl Grey (try Lavender!), and Darjeeling.

Verfurne said...

love your hat.
and the black jacket looks so nice!

Unknown said...

You should look into loose leaf tea places! I'm not sure if there is a Teavana in your area, but they have so many flavors! I have this ayurvedic acai loose leaf tea that I like a lot from there, and I'm not a tea person (I prefer coffee).

Unknown said...

Love this a lot. And TEA IS THE BEST. THE THE BEST.

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