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Monday, March 28, 2011

What I Would Wear If It Were Warm...

Why hello everyone!

So, Ohio is being quite stubborn and withholding the warm weather from my vitamin D deprived skin. It has been stuck in the thirties and below here (17 this morning!), and it doesn't seem to want to change to warmer weather any time soon. It feels like all I can put together at the moment are spring inspired outfits... Airy dresses and shorts with sandals. Light colors and whimsical prints. Fun, warm weather accessories such as sunglasses and floppy sun hats. Sigh. Too bad I had to scrape the inch of frost off of my car this morning and wear my winter coat to school...

Since it seems that I can only be inspired by spring outfits, I decided to just put together a few I've had in my mind as of late and show you all! Oh, if only it were warm...

Ergh. I need to get back to writing the outline for my Junior paper... Boy oh boy, someone please save me from this torture!

With much love, Lauren.


Sara said...

all of these outfits are just so lovely!

Mariña " La Marquesa" said...

love the first and the second outfit!!! so sweet!!!! also the combination of the white dress is really nice!!! :D

. said...

i love the last outfit !! :)

A Certain Vintage said...

beautiful outfits! is the first dress a trollied dolly from mod cloth? I was thinking of ordering one and wondered what the material/fit was like! great styling :)

b.outlandish said...

WOW. What beautiful outfits you put together!
I'm sure you'd look stunning in them.

I hope the weather cheers up over there! Here in Texas the cold weather has died down, with beautiful spring in sight.

You've given me an idea what to wear, I am absolutely IN love with outfit photo #2. I just want to jump into high waisted shorts. Sadly, I don't own a pair. I'm still in the hunt for some, and MAYBE my luck will turn! :p
I Love the flats you've chosen also for the outfit.
Thank you for the outfit idea.

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