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Friday, January 7, 2011

Red-y And Rarin' To Go!

Red and White Polka Dot Dress: Modcloth.
White Tights: JcPenny's.
Tan Clogs: Target.
White T-Shirt: Kohl's.
Red Bow Headband: Forever21.

Hello everyone!

I'm actually not that creative and thought of the name of my blog title myself. I have to give all the credit to Modcloth for thinking of such an adorable name, and of course making such an adorable dress! I really can't wait to wear this dress in the summer time just by itself with white wedges and a floppy sunhat. I'm fantasizing wearing this dress, having a picnic on a sunny day, eating little sandwiches and glasses of lemonade on a white checked cloth. Perfect.

Hope you all are doing well! If I haven't replied back to a comment any of you have posted, I am so terribly sorry! I've been behind on commenting back lately and need to get my butt in gear, pronto... :)

With much love, Lauren.


JordanMayTwigs said...

This dress is so pretty.
I actually thought about getting it!!
But I'm sure it looks much better on you anyway!!



Brooke said...

Love the dress!

Sara said...

lady in red :)haha you know that song? anyways beautiful dress!


fashion doctor said...

so pretty,princesse in the red.kisss

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I love the unique neckline on this dress. It looks great on you. I was wondering a bit about how your amazing style is perceived by your peers. It seems like you would stand out against the sweats and leggings with Ugg boots and hoodies crowd that seems to be the late high school into college uniform. Do you get sick of being asked what you're dressed up for everyday? I ask because I would have never had the confidence to dress like you do when I was your age.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

this is so beautiful!!! I love how you match the car. you have a great smile and look beautiful as can be in this outfit.

None said...

What an interesting, different dress. It seems kind of 1950s looking? You always look so pretty and ladylike.

Chelsea Finn said...

What an adorable little dress! You look great in it darling. Summer would be perfect right now, wouldnt it be? :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Unknown said...

Just looking at these makes me cold! Aaaaah! I love that shade of red on you. :) The detail on the neckline of that dress is so darling. I can't wait for summer either--I miss my sundresses!

Shady Del Knight said...

You did it - 100! It couldn't happen to a nicer person than someone like you!

Amanda said...

I've been lusting over this dress for awhile now. The red looks so pretty on you!

Oh and I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" post today! Hope it's okay :]

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

adorable dress! it's reminds me of a very similar vintage pattern: http://butterick.mccall.com/filebin/images/product_images/Full/B4790.jpg. i think i like the waistband of yours, better.

Anonymous said...

Any dress from Modcloth is so fabulous!!! I love this one though! Esp how it looks in these photos against the dead of winter!!
I love your hair also!!!


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