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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fear Can Only Consume You If You Allow It To.

Floral Dress: Urban Outfitters (Gift).
White Cardigan: TJMax (Gift).
Black Sweater Tights: JcPenny's (Gift).
Brown Lace Up Boots: Thrifted.
Key Necklace: Gift from Matt.

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I went to my doctor to see what she thought about getting me a low prescription of anxiety medicine for my OCD as my therapist recently suggested. Thank goodness she thought it would be a good idea, and gave me a prescription right away! However, I won't see if the effects of the prescription will be strong enough to ease my OCD until a few more weeks. If not, they'll just keep trying me on different medications until they find the one the works perfectly for me.

I'm incredibly scared for tomorrow, however, because.... I have to get blood work done! I am so nervous because I've never had blood work done and I'm particualrly scared of getting a needle stuck in the soft crease part of my middle arm. I'm not even afraid of needles, but just in that one spot of my am I'm so sensitive! I get queasy even thinking about it. I'm afraid I'm going to do two things tomorrow: cry or pass out. I hope I do neither! My appointment is at seven o'clock tomorrow morning and I just want to get this all over with...argh.

Hope you all are doing well though! :)
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. If you still have any questions you want to ask me: go right ahead! The response on my last post was amazing and I'm so pleased I got so many lovely qustions. I'm already starting to think how I'm going to anwser some of them!


JordanMayTwigs said...

The Anxiety Meds should help a bit,
But don't think they'll be a miracle drug because they won't.
You'll still have to work through everything.
A good book to help is call The Feeling Good Handbook.
It has helped me with my mental disorders TONS!!
And I highly reccomnd it!!

Good luck tomorrow.
You'll be fine!!!
Most people are afraid of getting blood work.
Until they get it and it's nothing.

By the way your outfit is to die for I love this dress!!



Blake Jacobsen said...

You'll be fine tomorrow morning, Lauren. Just remind yourself that it's only a small moment (actually, only a second or two) of your life. That's the mentality I try to keep when doing things that I don't look forward to (even if they are minuscule). Trust me, it usually works!

The Semi Sweet said...

You look so pretty! And good luck with the Doctors tomorrow. Hopefully they are nice with your arm. I hate getting blood drawn too, but usually I have to do it a couple of times a year. It's really not so bad:)

April said...

I had two doctors appointments today. Was terribly late to the first one.. and it was at 9:30, I can't even imagine having one at 7! Hope all goes well for you, love!

Amanda said...

Hopefully the medicine works out for you girl, you'll definitely be in my prayers.

And don't worry about getting blood drawn...it's not a big deal and it's over in a snap! Trust me, I'm a pro. I have hypothyroidism and I had a blood clot last year, so I think I had to get blood drawn like...30 times! Crazy!

Mary said...

I have to get blood drawn all the time for my hypothyroidism, and it's not nearly as bad as it seems, lovely! You'll be stellar, and think about it-- you'll be done with it so early in the morning that you probably won't even be thinking about it any more by lunchtime! Good luck :)

Heather said...

You wear some of the cutest outfits! I wish I had the fashion sense and the courage that you do! And I love your hair!

the ineffable soul said...

i hope the medication helps you and good luck for the bloods tomorrow - not something i look forward to either! fab outfit btw, love the belted cardigan :) x

fashion doctor said...

beautyful floral dress and cardigan,love it!!!

Kelly said...

I hope the meds start to help! Good luck with your blood work - you will be fine, just try not to think about it!!!

You look beautiful. :)

De Vero said...

Lovely Outfit! I really like your style!
Hope that everything went ok!


Unknown said...

That drapey cardigan really suits you! It's a little more modern-looking than your mostly vintage-inspired wardrobe, but it really looks beautiful on you. It's sort of a new classic, isn't it? It's not something that you'd ever look back on in ten years and say, "What was I thinking?".

I'm so glad that your meds are getting sorted out. That's always a really stressful thing--I've been through all kinds of regimens myself, and it's really good to finally find the one that works right for you :)

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