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Friday, January 21, 2011

Love Wins: Love Always Wins.

Floral Scarf: Thrifted.
Green Blouse: Thrifted.
Gold Chain Earrings: Thrifted.
Brown Riding Boots: Thrifted.
Black Blazer: Forever21.
Jeggings: Aeropostale.

Hello everyone!

Goodness it has been so snowy and cold here in Ohio! It makes it so awfully hard to take outfit pictures... My midterms for school were this past week, so I've been studying for hours upon hours every night. It's been awful! I also feel terrible that I have been such a bad blogger as of late. Just with being so busy with school, the cold weather, and going through a fashion rut have been set backs to my blogging ambitions. I really do apologize for being so absent from all of your blogs, and I'm going to try and gather up some gumption to get back into the swing of things!

With much love, Lauren.


Shady Del Knight said...

Seeing you posing in the middle of a snow shower is a pleasing effect, Lauren. Thanks for braving the elements to bring us these pictures. Stay warm, stay cool, stay safe, my good friend!

Carys said...

Hope exams went ok. You look so nice, I love your scarf!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Marg said...

I love these pictures!!! I love your blog!!! Great posts!!!

Sara said...

you usually always wear skirts or dresses,but i Love Love this outfit!


JordanMayTwigs said...

awwe sweetie,
Don't worry about it!!
School comes first!!!

I look forward to seeing what the future looks like though!!



Love, Trixie said...

Oh my gosh I totally understand how you feel! I've been so bad at blogging and commenting lately. And once you stop it's hard to get back into the swing of things.
But anyways, I love your outfit- casual but still super cute :) great scarf too!

hearts and hugs,

April said...

I love your scarf!!

CaptMO/ DJ ABO said...

Hello Miss Lauren, I'm a new follower *waves* I swear you have got one of the greatest style senses that I've seen, and today's, the color coordination is off the roof and that is a GREAT scarf!!! You'll find I tend to be rather envious of scarves. But anyways, a pleasure to stumble upon your blog and I look forward to more posts and of course more great ensembles! :-)

Jenna said...

Aghh I hate midterms. Just finished mine and it feels like a huge weight is off my shoulder!! You're almost there!!
Love this outfit as usual!! That scarf is so pretty!!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love the cold. I've heard it is rough in Ohio. It's -4 today in NJ. Is it that way there in Ohio too?? Probably worse, right?

I really love this outfit!

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