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Sunday, November 28, 2010


I think impressions and perceptions people have of others are some of the weirdest things. I don't know a time when I've seen someone for the first time and instantly had engraved into my mind what they were like before even talking to them. Based on what the person is wearing, how their hair is done, and their overall appearance, I put that person into a "category" in my mind. Then there is the way my mind perceives people. For some reason I always believe that people's lives are perfect. When I walk down the hallway at school I see those pretty, rich, and popular girls and think to myself, "Wow, I wish I could trade lives with her. She has friends. She has money. She has beauty. She has it all." I always think it's weird when people think this about my life. I had a person once say to me that I had the perfect life. I literally burst out laughing when I heard this! I've had people tell me that I have the ideal relationship with my boyfriend, that I must have a huge and fabulous wardrobe, and that I seem just perfect. This is all such a total misconception.

I am an incredibly lonely and friendless person: I can count on one hand the number of friends I have. Matt and I fight practically every day about something or other, and our relationship isn't always cupcakes and sunshine. I don't have any money and can't afford any nice things and that's why I have to buy second hand clothes. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have half my wardrobe. And although I do have confidence and self assurance in myself, I have many days where I am insecure and can't stand my appearence. I'm very thankful for the life I have: I'm incredibly lucky. I'm just pointing out though that it is far from perfect. People don't see what actually goes on in my real life and I feel like they would be so surprised. I would probably be totally shocked if I found out what really goes on in other people's lives.

The point I'm trying to make? I need to stop judging people or assuming that they might have the perfect life. I think appearances really are so deceiving. Looks and images can fool the eye into thinking it sees something that's not real. I am no perfect person, and neither is any person. I think that's something I really need to remember. That all humans are vulnerable and have imperfections. Cracks in their facades. It's the cracks, however, that make each of us individuals who we really are.

Hope everyone is doing great and I'll begin posting outfits as usual tomorrow! Sorry if this post was a a bit random, but every once in a while I like to write about what actually goes through my mind. I think it's important to let you all see the vulnerable and real side of me rather than just the posed outfit pictures 24/7. And even if no one cares to read about my ramblings, I entertain myself :)

With much love, Lauren.


Maria said...

I loved this post. I use to group people into categories all the time, and didn't think anything of it. Then I realized people were doing the same thing to me. People always think that I have this great life for whatever reason, and then when they hear my real life they're pretty surprised Even now people at work look at me like, "what do you have to worry about?" And in reality my life is full of complications.

I'm glad that you've realized this at an early age. Once you get rid of that mentality you'll be surprised at people's lives. There are so many interesting people out there, no two are completely alike.

Mary said...

I loved reading your thoughts on this, Lauren! I think it's so easy to forget that we are all so much more than we appear on the surface. Sometimes I have to give myself conscious reminders that I have my own story that isn't apparent to those who don't know me, so everyone else must have a story of their own. It actually helps me feel much more connected to everyone around me (especially considering my school is well over 50,000 people) when I realize that every single person I meet is fighting their own battle. It definitely gives me some much needed perspective when I feel myself start to forget that fact.

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i think that everyone judges everyone and it's our human nature. that's why i believe that the way you look is how you want to present yourself. but i also believe that first impression is not always correct. :)


alabee said...

Oh My. I love your coat. But I also love this post, it's very real. It's funny the things people think based purely on looks, but sometimes it can be frustrating. And I agree, it would be nice if we would all stop judging books by their covers.

Blake Jacobsen said...

You're quite frankly one of the most beautiful, or the most beautiful, girls I've come to know Laruen! Don't be so hard on yourself.

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