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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Check Mate.

Lilac Ruffle Blouse: Forever21.
Checkered Skirt: Thrifted.
Black Tights: Who Knows?
Black Patent Pumps: Thrifted.
Patent Black Belt: Kohl's.

Hello everyone!

Happy Wednesday to you all. Half way through the week already. Yay!

Today's outfit was just kind of ho, hum, harry. In other words: simple and boring. But hey, there are some outfits that are just more creative than others, and that doesn't necessarily mean the simple outfits are bad. Tonight I had a bit more time to plan out tomorrow's outfit, so I'm pretty excited about it! It's a little throw back to the mod 60's :)

Hope everyone is doing well!
With much love,

P.S. Thank you for all of your response on me possibly doing a v-blog tutorial! It seems most of you would like a hair tutorial, so I'll be thinking of different ones I could do. If any of you have any special requests just let me know!


Me said...

That would be great you starting a v-log!


Sarah said...

I love this skirt. What a great pattern. SUper cute and perfect for cooler weather!


Jenna said...

Love that skirt!! Even your "ho hum" outfits are amazing!!!
would love if you started a vlog!!!

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