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Monday, November 22, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Hello everyone!
So last night was the end of my blog anniversary give away, and today I used random generator.com to pick a...well, random winner! The number chosen was #6: Mary from Undergrad Fab! Here's just a little excerpt about what she loves about blogging:

"But in all honesty, blogging wouldn't be HALF as fun without all the wonderful other bloggers that I've met and gotten to know through their blogs. It is by far my most fulfilling and rewarding hobby, and I just love it so! :)"

Congratulations Mary, and thank you so much to all that entered! It was wonderful to hear what you all love about blogging, and I'm glad I could host this giveaway to thank you all for your kindness. Mary, if you want to email a mailing address to balgpfi@embarqmail.com I will send you package right away :)

Anyways, tonight I had such a lovely time with two friends of mine. We went out for coffee and just chatted and laughed: A lot! I am so incredibly lucky to have found them. They make me feel like I actually belong somewhere for the first time in my life. I never knew having friends was so wonderful.

With much love, Lauren.

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Unknown said...

Oh Honey!
Keep the wonder as long as you can :)
the travel, the retail experience, and the commercialism are what got me on the holidays.
When I became the 'cool aunt' who was expected to buy tons of gifts also was a toughie ;)
I do still love the wonder that I see on children's faces, the christmas movies and the times spent with my aging parents ;)
Thanks for reminding me!..........

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