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Friday, November 5, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some.

Hello everyone!

Do you ever have it that you realize what a big mistake your outfit is, but it's already too late to change it? Man, I had one of those days today! I spent entirely too long trying to find a way to make this outfit work last night, and I thought I really had found a way when I tried it on this morning. Well, it seemed like as soon as I got to school I hated my outfit. Argh. It was too summery, too uncomfortable, and too unflattering. But, I did really like a new little something I tried with my hair today: a side braid with soft curl tendrils! So, since my outfit wasn't the greatest but I liked my hair, I decided to still take some head shots of my hair. And of course, what side braid would be complete without a beret? I swear I live in these things.

Man alive it's been cold lately and I really don't like it one bit! Today I saw a few tiny flakes of snow... Ugh, it's too early to start snowing! Please, warm weather and sunshine come back to me! I'm kind of bummed about the time change happening tomorrow: 5:30 is such an early time for it to be so dark out...

Well, I will see you all tomorrow! Hope everyone is doing well and I have to say... TGIF! :)

With much love,


Unknown said...

Ah, sweetie, if u only knew ;).........
Many times after wearing an outfit I swear I'll nEVER wear it again :)
If it helps, you look adorable.
Sometimes we are our own worse critics :)
AND did u make that necklace?
if not, where did u get her?
Perfect for pairing with a simple t or black something or other...........

Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

You pull off a beret sooo well! I love it on you! The necklace is also pretty awesome, so cheerful! You look gorgeous as always Lauren xx

Princilla said...

ahh you look so pretty in that outfit <3
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Sofi Moukidou said...

love your hair like that! love your outfit, esp the necklace!

Sarah said...

I love, LOVE this necklace. The colors and amazing and the really sparklr with this bright pink hat. THat really is the perfect statement necklace!

I have moments like this wear I spend so much time trying to pick out an outfit and then I can't figure out what is wrong. I tend to want to try on a lot of different things and then usually end up settling on something completely different, haha.


Maria said...

I agree, your outfit looks really cute, and your hair and beret are AMAZING!

P.S. I counted all my shoes and I have 68 pairs, yikes! I'm not even that big on shoes. Can't imagine what it would be like if I were, lol.

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