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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Velveteen Time.

Hello everyone!

So I've been on a frantic Internet search the past week or so to find the perfect Christmas dress! When I was a little girl I remember wearing these itchy, poofy ugly plaid dresses that I hated... It's funny now that I actually love wearing fancy Christmas dresses. Anyways, I was becoming quite distressed because I must have looked at eight different sites through all of the dresses and couldn't find a thing! They were all either a) ridiculously short and you would be able to see my undies if I bent over a bit b) covered completely in sequins c) Very tight, ruched, and usually in a big leopard print. I'm not saying these things are that bad, but I wear my Christmas dress to church and for Christmas cards we send out! I don't think my grandmas want to see me looking like a you-know-what...ha.

Finally, I did find a dress that I liked for not too bad of a price at Forever21. I ordered it online last night and should come in sometime next week! It's this little black velvet bubble dress that is just too adorable for only $22. Something about velvet just screams Christmas time to me. I plan on "girlifying" this dress up with loads of pearls, some red lip stick, ringlet curls, and some patent heels, and possibly some sheer polka dot tights! My usual uniform ;)

Anyways, on a different note I'm sort of at a weird place with this blog right now. Since winter and the cold has sort of set in, it just makes taking outfit pictures outside almost unbearable. Lately, I hardly have been taking outfit pictures because my expressions just look so pained and miserable! I'm really hoping to somewhat adjust to the cold (it hasn't even snowed yet and I'm complaining. Jeez..) because I actually like posting my outfits rather than inspiration. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things again.

See you all tomorrow! Hope you're doing well and had a very fulfilling (ha) Thanksgiving!
With much love, Lauren.


Sofi Moukidou said...

oh! so beautifull dress! good choice!

Unknown said...

that dress is absolutely amazing xxxx

The Semi Sweet said...

That dress is going to look gorgeous on you! I love the sheer neck line. Super cute:)

Brooke said...

Love the dress! Great choice!!

Me said...

Love the dress!! I was doing the same thing. But I think I'mm going with a sweater dress. Cause I saw someone wearing it and it looked great. And you'll figure it out! Good Luck, with that though! wear gloves haha

Jenna said...

I 100% adore that dress!! I want it!! The neckline is the best part, sheer is so pretty!!
Thank you for saying my life must be totally awesome and hilarious!! That made my day :D
And thank you for following my other blog!!!
-- Jen

Marg said...

That dress is so pretty!

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