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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shopping When You're Broke.

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Although I rarely buy anything from stores, I have to admit the shopping in New York is amazing. Usually on weekends, on a day like today, I'll just walk around a neighborhood and go in the shops for inspiration. Everything is so beautiful here. There's nothing that isn't tempting to buy. I'll go into clothing shops, furniture shops, plant shops, book shops, candle shops, jewelry shops...each has such a unique point of view and customer in mind. Even if I'm not necessarily "that customer" it doesn't mean I don't love taking it all in and appreciating good design and thought into marketing.

It can get kind of tedious though. Always looking, never buying. Part of the reason I've always thrifted is because I secretly think if I didn't, I would honestly be a shopping addict. I've never had a lot of money. I still don't have a lot of money. But basically I'm a hoarder and love to buy things because of the way they look, the way they make me feel, and the memories I associate with them. You could say thrifting scratches the shopping itch I have. I satisfy myself buying something and it's within my budget. As a general rule, I usually try tp avoid stores so I'm not tempted. I didn't use pinterest for the longest time because it actually made me sad looking at all the things I couldn't have.

It's not even about "wanting" the things that really bothers me either. What is even more dreadful is the indecision I face when I'm given too many choices about beautiful things I want. I am the most indecisive person on the plant when it comes to shopping. I tell everyone not to come with me because they're better off (really, I'm not even trying to be humble or trick you with reverse psychology. It really is in your best interest not to come shopping with me). I will stand there for 10 minutes at the grocery store trying to choose between two tomatoes that are both .99 and look the exact same...but one of them has to be better and I have to pick the right one, right?!? Now if I am that indecisive about things like tomatoes, can you imagine me trying to decide between beautiful dresses, good books, and cute plants? I honestly make myself sick trying to decide!

And when I do decide, I spend the whole evening in distress worried that I made the wrong decision and can't get that other item out of my head. So usually I just end up returning said bought item because I feel like I wasted my precious money that I rarely have to even buy extra things with. Back to square uno.

Also. Never get me gift cards. Because although they seem like a good idea in theory (she can pick whatever she wants!), they're actually worse than spending my own money. Because I think "great! now's my chance to get something I've wanted and not blow my money on it!" What could be better than that? Wrong. What ends up happening is nothing is good enough to spend this ~sacred~ gift card on because it's the only chance I have to buy whatever I want. And then I won't.

I give up.

This is why I thrift. Things are non-refundable. lol

With much love,



Madison said...

This is sooooo totally relatable! I never realized it until reading your post but that is probably why I love thrifting too.....because it fills the shopping itch without spending all of my money (plus what you buy always comes with a story). Thanks for sharing Lauren!

Katie Selt said...

You described me to a 't'!

When I thrift, it's because I feel like I can get a lot more for the money I'm willing to spend. More recently, since I have a vastly better paying job, I have been going to actual retail stores and I come out feeling like the items didn't justify the price. I could just be stingy, though, but I don't think I've ever gone into a fast fashion store in the mall and thought that an item actually deserved the money it was asking for.

I also have the dilemma that shopping in thrift stores when I can afford to shop in full price stores takes away the clothing and opportunities away from the people who need it more. I watched a video about the effects of thrifting and it really made me question why I do it. It's kind of one of the reasons why I haven't really thrifted in a long while because now there is some guilt around it.

Katie | Katie Like Me

Carmel Elizabeth said...

Yeees I know exactly what you mean! I struggle so much picking between clothes especially, usually because I want both, but only have the budget for one or the other. XP And if I have the budget for both, there's always a third item trying to weasel it's way to the check out with me too...

So yeah, I'm a shopaholic if there ever was one. XD

I love this look. <3

SB said...

When it comes to shopping I'm the complete opposite. I try to by second hand because it is more ethical than buying new but as my anxiety is so bad at the moment that I cannot go into local stores (which are pants anyway) so I end up buying things online usually through ebay. This has meant that I've wasted a lot of money on things that when they arrive just don't fit. As such for the time being I've given up on second hand shopping and trying to be ethical and instead I'm just buying from stores. This isn't great but I actually waste far less money as I'm a stickler for fit so I only keep things that I really love.

I also wanted to say thank you for sharing your post about anxiety. I'm sorry that you are suffering from it. For so long my anxiety has stopped me from doing things (like meeting you when you were in London) and as you can gather from what I wrote above it is still really bad. I don't mean to turn you into 'inspiration porn' but it at the very least it is comforting to know that I'm not alone in struggling with anxiety. Hopefully one day soon I'll get in under control and be able to lead a more 'normal' life but until then I'm just going to keep working on going out the front door and look to people like you to remind myself that it is possible.

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