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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just a Little Rusty.

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Vintage Carolina Herrera Blouse (similar)| Thrifted
Suede Mini Skirt (very similar) | Thrifted
Tan Loafers (similar for $25!) | Thrifted
Silk Scarf (similar style) | Thrifted
Mini Satchel (similar for $35) | Thrifted
Gold Flower Clip Earrings | Thrifted

Rust is one of my favorite colors to wear in the fall. The warm, deep tones go so well with the fleeting evening light and turning leaves. There is a crispness to the hue that I just love. A feeling of being very put together, but daring at the same time since it's not a standard neutral like black, navy, or white.

I thrifted this vintage Carolina Herrera blouse a few weeks back at the local Goodwill here in Brooklyn. A lot of people ask me how I find items like this. I have very odd methods. I actually don't take my time when I'm going through the racks in thrift stores. I flip through the items very quickly because so much of it is bleh...but sometimes my hand touches nice fabric or I spot a very interesting pattern. These are clues where I just know it's a special piece. That was the case with this blouse. It's made of incredibly soft silk and feels so lightweight and breathable on these still somewhat sticky in-between days. I love the almost finger print like pattern and the little tendrils of curled fabric down the bodice if you look carefully. Originally I was going to sell this piece in an Etsy shop for vintage I'm working on putting together...but I'm not so sure now! This blouse paired so nicely with my trusty suede mini skirt and well-worn loafers.

On a personal note, life has been throwing me lots of lemons it seems lately. When will it be time to make lemonade and join the Bey-Hive, you know? My life often is (like many others) a series of getting kicked down with one thing after another after another...eventually it will all turn around though. These things take time though and time has never been my friend. Truthfully, after awhile it just gets hard to believe in yourself any longer. A special flame you may have once thought you had seems to just dim little by little until there's only the tiniest of sparks...but there's still a light going: and that's something worth holding onto. x

With much love,



Anonymous said...

As others have stated (on other media) totally a fashionista in a fashion magazine, amazing Lauren thrift find AND look - sorry about the car, tho ;-


Kezzie said...

I do like that shirt. I know what you mean, I just KNOW when I have got something special when out in a charity shop I am a magnet for a great find!x

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