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Monday, September 19, 2016

Long Live Brooklyn.

Nightgown over T-shirt outfit
Long Live Brooklyn | Someone Like You
MAC Craving Lipstick | Someone Like You
Burnout | Someone Like You
Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Long Live Brooklyn | Someone Like You
Brooklyn Street Style | Someone Like You
OOTD Brooklyn | Someone Like You
Sleep, Create, Drink Coffee T-Shirt (similar) | Rad.com
Burn Out Nightgown (similar) | Thrifted
Grey Skinny Jeans | Aeropostale
Black Heels (similar) | Payless
Choker (very similar) | DIY
Hat | c/o OASAP (old)
Lipstick | MAC Craving

I love living in Brooklyn. When first moving here I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. Last year I lived in Chelsea in Manhattan and it was amazing because it was the first time I'd ever been in NYC. I loved how close I was to everything and the exciting bustle around me. So when I moved to a much quieter and spread out Brooklyn, I felt seriously lacking in connection with the city. It wasn't a 10 minute walk to Times Square or I wasn't able to see the the city sky line out my window. I found the commute to Manhattan from Brooklyn tedious and tiring...

Now having been here three and a half months my thoughts have completely changed. I don't think I could live right in the middle of the city like that again. I love my Brooklyn neighborhood so much. It feels like home in the best way possible. For a few years there I didn't feel like I had a home because everything was so semi-permanent. I went from my hometown, to college, to Florence, to NYC, and back to college again in a span of four years. I never felt like I could settle down and find comfort in where I was living. Here I absolutely do. I love my little apartment in Bed-Stuy and my neighborhood favorites I already have. I just love this city because it is actually such a stark contrast from Manhattan. It is very community oriented here which is just what I was looking for. I feel at such peace in Brooklyn with all of the areas to explore and its down-to-earth nature. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not in Brooklyn. In Manhattan, sometimes you do. It's a very cut throat city and keeping up can be exhausting (but also exhilarating). I'm so glad I get to experience the best of both worlds where I am. Bustling week in the city, relaxing weekend at home ♥

With much love,



Elizabeth said...

Lauren, you are so cute and can pull off anything! I love this look <3
I'm so happy you've find a place to call home, that's the best feeling indeed.


Carmel Elizabeth said...

I love this nod to the lacy-cami-over-tee trend. I really want to try this - you make it look so chic!
So glad you've found your niche. :)

Kezzie said...

I'm very glad that you like it Lauren. You look hilariously 90's in this getup!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the part of Brooklyn my Aunt Bobbi lived in (Flatbush); we would visit it often, when I was growing up ... as someone else said here - grateful you have found your niche! Even better: grateful you have found your AT-HOME!!! (And glad you weren't in Chelsea with what went on this past weekend ;- )


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