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Monday, September 5, 2016

Finding Vintage in Brooklyn.

Vintage Floral Blouse, High-waisted Denim Shorts, Snakeskin Betl, Loafers, and Cherry Bomb Lipstick | Someone Like You
Finding Vintage in Brooklyn | Someone Like You
Vintage Silk Top | Someone Like You
Thrift Shops in Brooklyn to Go to; L Train Vintage | Someone Like You
Thrifted Vintage Outfit | Someone Like You
Wet n Wild Lipstick in Cherry Bomb | Someone Like You
Vintage Cameo Necklace | Someone Like You
Vintage in Brooklyn | Someone Like You
Cherry Bomb Lipstick | Someone Like You

Floral Vintage Blouse (similar) | Thrifted
Jean Shorts (similar)| Thrifted
Vintage Belt (similar) | Thrifted
Tan Loafers (similar and on sale!) | Thrifted
Black Envelope Bag (similar from Rebecca Minkoff) | Thrifted
Cameo Necklace (similar for $20) | Thrifted

Hi guys!

It's been tough to find thrift stores that live up to the gold mines I'm used to in Ohio. Thrift stores here in NYC have been overpriced, picked over, and just lacking quality things. Usually every weekend I'll try out a new one to explore. So far the Goodwill in downtown Brooklyn has been my go to, but last weekend I discovered L Train Vintage. L Train is a chain of thrift stores across Manhattan and Brooklyn. I go to the one in my neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, so I can only vouch that this one is amazing. It's a warehouse-esque type of thrift store with curated clothes. Most vintage shops charge an arm and a leg for a curated selection, but my heart just purrrrrs at the chance to get my hands on blouses & skirts for $5 and dresses for $8-10. It's interesting because real vintage is mixed in with more modern '90s and early 2000's pieces that make for a great selection. A lot of the true vintage is so well priced I actually want to ask them to charge me more (jk, I wouldn't take it that far.) But really, finding a '60s dress when they only want $20 for it makes me feel like a high-stakes robber!

L Train has everything from dresses, blouses and skirts, a well curated denim collection, worn in shoes galore, and an amazing selection of scarves and bandannas: two things I can't get enough of lately! The great thing is they also have an online store, too, if any of you are interested. This is sounding really sponsored but I promise it's not; I just really dig this place that much that I sound like  paid advertising.

Hope you all have had a great Labor Day Weekend! I essentially did nothing because everything is closed around here (as it should be). Ain't nothin' wrong with taking a nice, relaxing day in bed scouring the internet for gold and chuckling at your cat as he lays in a dead spider position next to you. Also I'm making meat loaf for the first time tonight so pray I don't give myself food poisoning! x

With much love,



Katie Selt said...

You look so cute here! So summery!

Also, if you just make sure your meat reaches an internal temp of 160 F, you should be clear on the food poisoning! Good luck!

Katie | Katie Like Me

Lorna said...

love this outfit !



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