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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rainy Retrospective.

Tan Mockneck Sweater (similar & only $20!): Thrifted.
Black Denim Skort (similar high end/similar low end): Thrifted.
Patent Bow Flats (very similar): Thrifted.
Feather Earrings (similar): Thrifted.
Binocular Necklace: Unknown.

These photos will perhaps  be the last rain we have for awhile...today it is snowing! You'd think after twenty two years I would be used to it by now but no, no I'm not. We've been far too spoilt this year and this is the first real snow we've had yet which is crazy to think. Usually we've had about 10 by this point! 

Been starting in on job applications as of late. They one part scare the living #$%* outta me and another part excite me to pieces. I think with every one...this could be my ticket to NYC...this could change my life. Eventually after you've completed a few dozen you stop thinking that way, but there's still a part of me underneath all the logistics that loves to dream. I've apply to mostly social media, PR, and visual merchandising jobs which I feel like are my strong suits. I talked awhile back with a mentor at school whom I told I was willing to take just about anything that was thrown at me...But she said something really interesting to me.

Yes, she told me, it's important to not hold out for 'dream jobs' when applying for your first one. I'm not going to get my first pick at where I'd eventually love to be, and it's important for me to take an entry level job to build my skill set. BUT. That doesn't mean I should go after something I'm not good at/passionate about.

She saw in me that my strengths are more on the creative, visual side of things rather than the very stark and analytical aspects of planning and buying that I contemplated putting apps in for. She thought it was important that rather than spreading myself thin to a lot of jobs I'm maybe kind of good at, it's more important to focus on ones I can excel and advance the company & myself. 

If you guys have any career advice for applying for and landing your first real job, I'd love to hear! I'm still learning and trying to find where my place in the corporate world will be and love to have insight and knowledge from others. x

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

Applying for jobs right out of college sucks. It took me almost a year and I had a master's degree. My advice is to take time in your applications. Don't just apply to everything you might be vaguely qualified for because eventually you might feel like doing that. Make each cover letter unique and put keywords from the job description in your cover letter. Also, apply to jobs even if they require a couple more years experience than you have. As long as you fit most of the description it's worth applying to those. If you can get an interview you at least have a better chance of conveying your worth to the company. Hope this stuff helps a little bit and good luck!

Also, I just love this cute rainy day outfit. You always make over-the-knee socks look so good and that turtleneck sweater looks super comfy.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Katie Selt said...

Applying for jobs SUCKS! I agree, after like 3, I'm pretty much on auto pilot. I hope you find your dream job!

Also, your outfit is super cute!

Katie | katielikeme.com

Peepothent said...

Lovely photos! :)

Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

I started to work on a research group at the University while I was still studying for my master's degree and I have been working there full-time for a while now, so I don't have many advices for applying for a corporate job but I'm sending you the best luck, I think the cover letter is one of the most important aspects you have to take care of. Lovely rainy outfit, love the sweater color and the little binoculars detail!

Mary said...

A little late on this, but had to jump in-- congratulations, lady! What an exciting time :) My advice is to stay excited about the job application process-- don't lose that spark of "this could be it!" that you talk about it. As someone who has now hired applicants at my job but also wasn't too long ago on the other side of it, I'd say that really highlighting the MOST important, most representative things on your resume is HUGE. And also not being afraid to let your personality shine through in the application/interview process. I interviewed a LOT of applicants for our programs, and the ones I ended up hiring were the ones I could see myself working with, could truly tell WHO they were as a person and could see their passion for the position. Good luck to you! :)

Oliver Wyatt said...

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