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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First Snow.

Genuine Suede Red Guess Jacket (similar): Thrifted.
Long T-Shirt Tunic (very similar): Thrifted.
Black Jeans: Target.
Black Heeled Boots (very similar & only $40!): Thrifted.
Plaid Scarf: (identical) Markets in Florence.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

Snow has finally hit Ohio. I've been chuckling at ya'lls confusion of the lack of snow that compliments my own. You all are familiar with having seen my photos in years past quite snowy well before now, and it's been a perplexing (albeit relieving) absence. However, I knew that the snow wouldn't be at bay for long, and we had our first real bout of it a few days back. Since then, the days have been so frigid I haven't left the house but for coffee, and as soon as I come back in I burrow myself underneath a stack of blankets so high that the princess in the pea would be jealous. I have not missed you winter.

I'm going back to school  this weekend to finish my last semester and I've got to say besides missing my family (a given), I'm so sad to be leaving behind my town's thrift stores! This month long break has brought about so many thrifted treasures I cannot believe the luck I've had. My new wardrobe has grown twofold of more classic, subdued pieces than of my past, and I've collected an array of little trinkets that forgo the plans I had to become a 'minimalist' over this break, ha. Vintage sewing patterns full of color; delicate and wildly romantic bustiers; intricate glass plates for placing treasures upon; worn in books with pages dog eared; and a brilliant little floral diorama to add to my collection are just some of my favorites. The thrift stores in Kent & northern Ohio I've found just don't compare, but the comforting fact is that home will always welcome me back with alcoves of hidden treasures for me to discover. Now & always. x

With much love, Lauren.

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Sophie said...

I've keeping my fingers crossed we don't get any snow here in England! Forecast some at the weekend but hopefully it won't arrive! Absolutely adore that red jacket - what a find!
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