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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Year, a New Start.

Sheer Bell Sleeve Top (very similar to mine!): thrifted.
Suede Tan Skirt (under $50!): Thrifted.
Kitten Heels (identical): Payless.
Brimmed Hat (similar from F21): c/o OASAP (old). 

Hello, hello everyone & Happy 2016!

It's been a rather hot minute since I've last posted but happy to tell you all I've been doing great, just busy ♥ The end of my semester was quite the maddening one but thankfully I got all my loose ends tied up, finished, and now only have one semester left! I can hear the pomp and circumstance melody playing already...

My winter break has been really lovely. I spent four days in NYC right before Christmas as my gift from my parents this year. I hadn't been back since I left at the end of the summer four months ago and it felt so comfortable to be back. Like coming home after a long period away. I stayed in Brooklyn in an air bnb which was ideal, and explored around the area for the first time and went back to old stomping grounds in Manhattan. I used the trip as a sort of test out to see whether or not NYC was still "the place" I wanted to move to after graduation and well...looks like it still is! Been putting in applications over break for various jobs in the big apple and am anxiously biting my finger nails in hopes that I can make my dreams come true...

It's been lovely to have then spent the holidays here at home in Ohio with my family just lazing around. I've had the time to blog since school being out, but decided to detach for awhile and enjoy the here and now. I don't think I've ever gone so long as three weeks without opening my lap top AT ALL but it happened folks, and boy was it a nice reprieve. 

Blogging will always be in the background of my mind though (hard to shake habits of 6 years strong) and I have missed doing it this past month as a nice was to relax and practice my various hobbies. Since I hadn't been blogging as much though, I've gotten really into reading again as a way to wind down and it's been quite lovely to rediscover my love for it again. Oh! And lots of writing. I have been writing up a storm lately and nothing makes me happier than that.

I hope to blog more often now, but plan on doing it just as I like and not forcing anything. It's nice to be able to have a space to do just that. Come and go as you please, but always have a comfortable little 'home' waiting for you. I have tons of photos back logged (these are from perhaps a month ago?), so I'll try and get all that content out before I start new! I've gotten into the habit of posting little grams of my outfits over on insta though, so if you'd like to see more updated things from me check it out with @passingwhimsies :)

Love you all; hope you had a magical holiday season! x

With much love, Lauren. 


Katie Selt said...

Lovely as always!

I'm glad your break was relaxing, that's always great to hear!


Kezzie said...

Well happy new year to you! Glad you had a nice break.

Prints And Roses said...

nice look, love the hat and the skirt!


Corin Tschoepe said...

Very cute outfit, as always! Best of luck with your last semester and reaching for those dreams!!

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