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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reindeer and Snowflakes.

Reindeer Sweater (similar): c/o OASAP (old).
Velvet Skirt (similar & only $15!): Thrifted.
Black Turtleneck (similar): Thrifted.
Lace Boots (similar): Thrifted.
Flower Necklace: Kate Spade.

Hello everyone

Since it's been the end of my semester here things have been pretty stressful. Lol, if finding out that I have a five page paper due at midnight (when it's 10:15) and worth 20% of my grade doesn't tell you how my week has been going...then I don't know what does. Anyways, between the stress I really enjoy the little things that help me relax, take my mind off such a zeroed in view of my life, and unwind.

Tea in the evening has really been my savior. When deadlines are approaching and the clock keeps getting later and later...nothing soothes me more than taking a few minutes to make myself a cup of hot tea. There's just something about the process of making it that even soothes me. Picking out the perfect mug from my collection... and then I love to get the hot water ready and steep my tea white I sit with it as it cools enough for me to drink. I've been an avid mint tea drinker for about a year now, but I've recently gotten into all sorts of other teas, too. An irish man I met in NYC got me into Irish breakfast tea-- I love having it with a small pinch of sugar.  We have TONS of teas at work and I try a new one about every shift...black berry sage, vanilla apple, and honey ginseng have been my favorites! 

Getting a hot bath is also one of my favorite things to do in the evenings. I get really bad tension and neck headaches where my muscles just ache so badly... or since I'm from Ohio the cold can be unbearable in the winter (although not this year yet), and it feels like my body just will not warm itself up once I'm inside...drawing a bath is always so comforting. I like mine really hot so all the mirrors in my bathroom fog up and I'll just soak for a long time, massaging my neck muscles whilst in the water to loosen them. I'm not a bubble bath fan, but I do love to light a candle in the bathroom and have the room filled up with sweet aromas ♥ I also really enjoy listening to music when I'm in the bathtub and just floating about, staring up at the ceiling and doing some dreaming...my favorite stations on pandora to listen to have been Birdy radio, soothing bath sounds, and now that it's the holiday season, Christmas Jazz.

Something then that I've gotten into to help me relax that I haven't done in years is draw. I loved taking art classes in middle school and highschool, but then it got to that stage where you begin to notice everyone around you excelling and it's not just a 'fun hobby' anymore, so I stopped because I felt I wasn't good. Recently, I've realized you don't have to be good at something to enjoy doing it. I got a set of amazing colored pencils at the Hullabaloo event I went to a few weeks back, and have been drawing with them, and then making them into water color paintings. Like I said...my art isn't good, but there's something so soothing and quite magical about that creative release and just letting your mind drift away to another place...

These are a few things that have been keeping me sane during an incredibly stressful semester (I'd say my most yet out of the three and a half years I've been here). What do you all do to unwind? I'd love to hear :)

With much love, Lauren.


Isabella said...

You look so cute and dainty! I drink so much tea also, but it's super good for you, so its all right. I love creative outlets. If it feels good, do it. "good" is different in each person's eyes afterall.


pastelpigs said...

me too!I drink a lot of tea and having said that I have become a tea aficionado lol plus i work on my blog and read as well.

Symone Baskerville said...

I loved your outfit post, the turtle neck paired with the sweater is such a cute and warm style ! This was my first semester here at Kent and I really have been enjoying going to the musical theater productions on campus as a stress reliever ( My favorite was Sideshow! ). I also enjoy sewing during my free time from working on my fashion projects.

Andrea said...

Hi Lauren,
Your outfit is adorable and I love the way you have described things which help you to relax.
I like to try a number of creative things which have included drawing and making things. One of my latest hobbies is to make greeting cards.
I also like reading, listening to music and dancing, especially when I am in the great outdoors. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than the idea of being free to express myself.

Hello Kuo said...

just reading about how you relax is relaxing haha. i usually relax by watching youtube videos or lying in bed with headphones and a good album.

loving how festive your outfit is! and your velvet skirt is so pretty n.n


Sara said...

I've had stressful experiences, but I can't say I've written a 5 page paper in under 2 hours! When I'm not under deadlines, I unwind by playing the ukulele, watching Project Runway (thus seeing other people stress under deadlines), and sketching. Online shopping is also a favorite de-stressing activity-- unless it goes too far. :)

Enjoy the Christmas break!


Mamalina said...

I've been fighting a pretty ugly case of anxiety for the past 4 months, so it was all very stressful. I recently took up yoga and it makes me feel a little better. But I feel my best when I'm at home, taking a warm bath, drinking tea and watching my favorite movies or reading a good book!

You look adorable with this outfit, Lauren! You're so lovely and cute!

Many hugs and blessed holidays!



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