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Friday, January 8, 2016

Go Deeper.

Black Jeans: Target.
Plaid Scarf (identical): Forever21.
Tan Duster (similar): Thrifted.
Black Ankle Boots (similar): Thrifted.
Mini Backpack (similar low end/similar high end): Thrifted.

Having lived in Ohio my whole life, I can't help but be proud of where I'm from. As I've become older I've gotten over the same stale complaints every Ohioan riddles on about; "there's nothing to do! the weather is terrible! the browns suck!" and have begun to see Ohio for all the beauty it holds. I've been very sentimental lately about my home state thinking about the possibility of leaving it in a few months, and asked for an Ohio necklace for Christmas so I can always wear home close to my heart wherever I may go. 

Another comfort has been discovering the Ohio Explored page on instagram! It's a collective of shots from all around Ohio, and it makes my swell with pride to see so much beauty that I'm surrounded with. They recently came out with this super adorable (and SO soft) t-shirt that I kinda want to wear every day ♥ Did a little bit of exploring myself around my local nature center that has always been one of my favorite haunts since I started blogging.  Stumbled upon this ideal little grove of trees I've never come across & had to snap some photos among them. Since I haven't been taking blog photos in awhile I'd forgotten how calming and serene it can be to just snap away by myself in the woods. Sometimes I'll play a little Ed Sheeran and hear it echo through the forest and I think to myself, "wow, this is so perfect."

With much love, Lauren.


SB said...

Wow those photos one the Ohio explored page are so beautiful! From your picture locations over the years, even the ones that you've just taken on your college campus Ohio looks so pretty to an outsider. The leaves in autumn always look so vibrant, the blossoms almost ethereal at times and well the snow for someone who lives somewhere where there is very little snow it looks magical (although I'm sure it sucks to live in it).

I'm also really enjoying watching your style evolve and change, it is so different to what I remember a year of two ago but at the same time I really like it.

Unknown said...

Love this post! You look great!

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