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Monday, June 1, 2015

My First Time Being a Bridesmaid!

Hello everyone!

Last weekend was finally the time I've been waiting for: my two great friends' wedding! I met Sabrina when I was a freshman at Kent where she was then a fashion major with me (she's now an amazing nursing major!). We became good friends through a group project and also going to a Christian group together. She has an amazing story: she's a foreign exchange student all the way from Malaysia! In the fall of our freshman year she met a silly guy at the Christian Halloween party wearing a gumby suit named Kyle. A few days after the party, Sabrina, Kyle, myself and  some others went out for dinner to hang out and I'll never forget that night. I had just met Kyle but I saw he couldn't keep his eyes off Sabrina. I remember at the end of the night her asking me "You know, I think Kyle is kind of cute. Do you think he likes me too?" And I remember just saying YES. It was so evident.

It's been amazing to see them grow through those first stages of friendship, to crushes, to dating, to engagement and now marriage. I haven't been to a wedding in 11 years or been in one, so this one was really special to me. Sabrina asked me to be a bridesmaid back when I was in Italy and I of course said yes! 

I flew back to Ohio from NYC for the wedding and it couldn't have turned out any more beautiful. It was so touching to see these two dear friends unite in marriage, and it was just so emotional for me. They set such an example for me for what love is and especially love between two Christians. Their love is inspiring to me and something I hope to have someday. They have gone through so many trials: him visiting Malaysia to get her father's permission for marriage; her going through nursing school while juggling a job; him becoming a firefighter and now getting his paramedic license. They are one resilient couple and I have so much admiration for who they are both together and as individuals.

More than one tear was shed definitely during the ceremony and I'm relieved to say I didn't trip going  down the aisle with this healing, sprained ankle of mine. The reception was filled with delicious food, much dancing, and no shortage of tears, as well, through heart felt toasts. We sent them off in a red convertible after a sparkler tunnel that was so suiting for them. x

I wish my friends the very best in their love and their new life together. May Christ always bless them and their marriage! x

With much love, Lauren.


Mary said...

This is such a sweet post. Also, Lauren, you're ADORABLE.

Kezzie said...

God bless them.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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