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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Interning at Cosmo: The Freebie Table.

Hello everyone!

I wanted to talk about one of the cool perks of interning at Seventeen and Cosmo which is the freebie table! Editors of all kinds get items in from companies that they don't necessarily want or need, so they place them on the freebie table which is up for anyone to grab. There's constantly new items being placed on the table, so you have to keep an eye out for things! 

I love seeing what comes in on the freebie table because you really never know what you're going to find! Sometimes it's the most random things: like a box of tennis balls! But that actually was really perfect because I grabbed one for my sister who is a tennis player and she LOVED it when I gifted it to her. Or, they can be beauty related things such as perfume. Even alcohol is sometimes on the table! 

I've been super pleased with the things I've managed to grab off the freebie table so far and have everything pictured above! I picked up an awesome issue of 17 Thailand which has been so fun to look through! Also some handy hair styling products. Something super useful (and adorable!) has been the cat mug to have my coffee or tea in. Then there's also the random sports bra (promise it was new!) and hey, that thing is super comfy. I was super thrilled with the greeting card that is actually a Christian one and has such a pretty verse for encouragement inside. The lollipop was a gift for my sister, and the sparkly blue nail polish will be fun to try out! Yesterday I hit the jackpot and was able to bring home three new books that sound really great. And then today I got some new CDs to try out along with an adorable floral headband.

It's always a new and interesting day at the Cosmo offices! x

With much love, Lauren.



Brenda said...

the idea of a freebie table is so cool!

Unknown said...

That is awesome! Hope you are having fun and learning lots at your internship!


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