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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Concrete Jungle.

Black Trousers: H&M.
Black Blazer: Forever21.
Black T-Shirt, Loafers, Earrings, Necklace: Thrifted.

Hello everyone! ♥ 

So I have been itching to shoot outfits again but it's proven to be difficult with my work schedule here. I usually work from 9-7/7:30 in the evening and by that point I am exhausted when I finally take the subway home and walk to the dorm. I've felt the intense need to take photos lately since I haven't been doing it and am willing to do whatever it takes to continue doing what I love! So this evening I ran to the subway and back to the dorm to grab the tripod and camera and went to the nearest 'somewhat vacant' spot. Which actually isn't vacant at all because it's the NYC post office building, ha.

I'm scared to death of someone snatching my tripod and camera away while I'm shooting, so I tried to find the least trafficked, close spot I could. The post office steps were nice because they were up off the side walk from all the passersbys, but it was still difficult because people were still obviously going in and out of the post office! Not to mention, it was kind of precarious hoping to and from the steps while a chunk of NYC watched me like I was a mad woman, ha.

I'm not too pleased with the photos but it's okay! It's a learning curve and I think I know what I'm going to do from now on so I can continue taking outfit photos. Hearst tower where I work is super close by Central Park, so I think I'll just take my tripod and camera with me some mornings to work and then drop by Central Park on my way out! Not the most convenient way I've ever had to take outfit photos but hey, you do whatcha gotta do for something you love.
Now on to this strange outfit! You probably didn't even think it was me when this popped up in your reader. NYC has been doing really strange things to my style lately. To be honest, I can't make my mind up anymore on what my style is. It changes on a day to day basis because of the immense amount of stimuli I'm exposed to. I'm always admiring this, taking note of that, looking at whatever...so it combines into a sort of mish mash of different styles where I get dressed from various influences. 

Working at a fashion magazine has definitely been one huge influence. Although I wrote that the Cosmo office itself is pretty casual, the Hearst Tower as a whole is certainly not. Every day is like fashion week in the building. I have never seen so many Louboutins in one place before: not even when I visited Paris. My jaw drops in envy and awe at all of the fashionable people that walk in and out of the tower. My lunch break is a designated "people watching" break as I observe all of the beautiful fashion people in sky high heels, designer bags, and perfectly done hair. It is intimidating. It is definitely kind of scary. I look at myself. I can hardly afford to buy a $6 dress at the thrift store and these women are decked out in head to toe designer. They look so sophisticated, so stylish, so confident...I kind of dream to be like them but I know that kind of life will never be in the cards for me. Still, I like to take inspiration from their aesthetics. 

I've adopted the stereo typical "all black fashion outfit" to try out for today. I wanted something that felt chic and sophisticated. Grown up and didn't scream "INTERN." I love these black h&m pants I got right before I came to NYC. I have never loved a pair of pants but I do love these. The fit is fantastic. I wanted the look to be a mixture of casual and career, so the slouchy t-shirt and black loafers take it down: the black structured blazer takes it up. I liked wearing this and although it didn't photograph very well I felt confident and put together today! Not trying to be someone else...but rather taking inspiration from others and putting my own twist on it. 

Hope you all are doing just lovely...

With much love, Lauren.   


C R said...

I admire you sooo much for taking these photos--that post office is a busy spot! I could not do what you do.

The all black looks great! And it goes with the weather we've been having :-S I think it makes you look a little older.

Isn't people watching in NYC so crazy? My head just doesn't stop swiveling while I'm there.

Heidi B Love said...

I love this look! Your simply gorgeous!

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Lauren! You look so cool and chic and really 'grown up'. Like your supposed to be in NYC! Also, big props to you for being your own photographer! Particularly in the city. HOW RAD ARE YOU! How on earth do you get things in focus!!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! I think you look fantastic and confident.

Jana K said...

You look so classy! I love all-black outfits, reminds me of Aubrey Hepburn. Simple and elegant and quite grown-up looking.

The Magpie said...

So I've been going through your blog post by post because it's so cute, and I just HAD to comment on how much I love this outfit. It's so striking. Thought you should know :)

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