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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Never, Ever Give Up.

Never Ever Give Up Shirt: Aeropostale.
High Waisted Shorts, Black Flats: Thrifted.

Hi everyone

We had a new floor set at Aero the other day and when I saw we got this shirt in... I knew there was no way I couldn't not have it. It's absolutely perfect and represents everything I stand for. Never giving up has been my life mantra throughout the years amidst everything I go through...it's helped and seen me through a lot of difficulties, and I know the phrase will certainly get me through all I'm going through now...excited to have it as a reminder to wear on my heart

 So, I've talked here and there about how one of my absolute favorite songs is Oceans by Hillsong. The lyrics ring very, very true for my upcoming trip, and can also be encouraging as a less literal metaphor no matter what struggles we're going through. I've been praying a lot lately and really placing my burdens on Him, and sometimes you wonder as a Christian, does He hear me? How can this supposed 'God of the World' answered little ole me down here on the earth, amongst millions asking for His help? Well He does. And I mean, I always have faith that He does hear me and shall answer my prayers, but often times it's hard to be having what seems like a one sided conversation with God.  

When I went to work this evening I was having a tough time dealing with things and did some praying along the way and tried to play Oceans on my phone to comfort me. It wasn't working and I was really frustrated because it was all I wanted at that moment to be comforted and hear the song. So, I prayed that maybe I could hear it on the radio before I went on since it wasn't working on my phone. It didn't play though and I went into work and got through it all fine and was driving home. Perfectly timed, minutes before I got home, just enough time to hear one more song on the radio...it played. Oceans played. I've only ever heard it once on the radio before and I listen to the Christian radio station all the time, so it's such a crazy odd. I couldn't help but just cry in thanksgiving to Him who hears me and answers my prayers. Who nurtures me, wipes away my tears with his hands, and loves me unconditionally. I'm in awe of His greatness.

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

That's lovely. And it is God's timing you know! X

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
Thanks so much for this post! Just when I'm all weary and disillusioned with my studies, this post serves as a much needed reminder that I should trust in the Lord and of course to never ever give up!
Your blog is amazing! THANK YOU

Miranda said...

Isn't it beautiful when something like that happens? :)

Your shirt is very cute, and your hair and makeup look beautiful!

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Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

You look gorgeous Lauren! I love your new tee and what it means to you. Good luck with preparations for Italy! xo

Alexandra Marie said...

Amazing, I love this! Alex


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how God brings little things together for us? Things that might seem average or normal to others, but it is just what we needed at the absolute perfect time. It's amazing to think that He hears each tiny prayer and cares enough to work those things out in order to touch our hearts.

xoxo, Alesha

LaurenNicole said...

That testimony seriously touched me. Oceans has become my favorite song as of late too. It comforts me and reflects my journey as well. Reading this post was so amazing because I had a similar experience with this song...i was attending a new church and wasn't sure about it, during worship Oceans was played. I knew God wanted me there. Also my name is Lauren, so its cool we have similar testimonies.

God bless x

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