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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Polka Dot Dress: Clothing Swap.
Pearl Necklace: Gift from my grandmother.
Basket Weave Heels: Lulu*s.
Vintage Brooch + Earrings set: given to me. 
Lipstick in Maybelline's Fuchsia Fever.

Hello everyone!

So today was an exciting step forward in my plans for Florence. I got my schedule all picked out and set up! Here's the classes I'll be taking over there:

Basic Conversation Italian.
Fashion in the Media (for my media minor!)
Italian Fashion and Culture
Product Development
Field Experience in European Fashion (learning about European fashion through going on field trips for London, Paris, and Milan). 

I'll go to class Monday through Thursday and then have Friday through Sunday to explore around Florence or go on trips anywhere I'd like. My classes start at 9 AM every day which will be difficult I think at first...but I believe I'll begin to appreciate waking up early after awhile to have as much time as I can to explore and experience things. 

Everything is coming together and starting to solidify! I should get the apartment I'm staying in along with my roommates in a few weeks. 46 days to go, guys! x

With much love, Lauren.


Hannah Barta said...

Wow! So exciting! I'd love to be able to go learn about the European fashions and everything :) And yellow is a great color on you. Few people can pull it off, but you definitely can!

dance a real

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

I love that you wear brooches! I do as well, and whenever I do someone comments on how cool and unique they look. :)
How exciting that your departure date is getting closer!

Jess said...

This outfit is so pretty and it sounds so exciting, I wish I could do something like that, it sounds like an incredible experience!!!
Jess xxx

Jenna Leigh said...

love that dress on you!

stop by,

Erika said...

That's so exciting! I'm in the airport on my way to a month long summer school in Prague and I am beyond terrified. Terrified but excited. Your classes sound great! I'm sure you will have the best time (and look amazing doing it) : )

Kezzie said...

Hurrah!!!! Sounds fun!!!
Pretty dress x

Julia said...

This dress is so pretty and it looks so good on you!

Sammi said...

This dress is so lovely, and I love the vintage brooch and earrings. And you must be SO excited to study abroad!! Sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime, and Italy is definitely a fantastic place to be for fashion!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

xox Sammi

HappyLeaps.blogspot.ca said...

I am completely was over heels for that dress. Yellow is a nice colour on you :)

All your classss sound exciting, it's nice to see people excited about school and what there studying. I know I'm not... Anyway I would just love to ask you more questions about your time there once your there of course. Because I'll be traving there next summer :)

All sounds super exciting I'm jealous!!

Love Rhiannon

Charmaine said...

Suuuper excited for you! You're going to have a blast!

Lorna said...

Wow what a beauty !
I am loving this outfit. Welcome to Paris if you ll be there soon ;)


Unknown said...

I love the mix of pears with a polka dot dress. Very classy. Taking fashion classes in Italy sounds like a dream!


Unknown said...

You look so beautiful in this dress! Yellow never looks good on me :( I'm so excited about your Florence trip though! Have fun! I spent an entire semester studying Florence and even that was really fun!

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