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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cops and Robbers.

Striped Crop Top, T-Strap Heels, Earrings: Thrifted.
High Waisted Jeggings: Forever21.
Lipstick in MAC's Lady Danger.

Hello everyone!

Thankfully I've been feeling much better and less stressed than I was this past week. A lot of things have worked out on their own since then, and praying + talking to God a lot has most definitely helped calm me down. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes!

For some reason it's just been really hard for me to blog this summer, which makes me very sad :( A combination of working more than last, being worried/stressed about a lot more, having a boyfriend (it does take up time!), and feeling somewhat uninspired with my outfits...it's kind of put the breaks on blogging, but hasn't brought me to a total stop. Which honestly, I don't ever feel like I could stop blogging all the way. I love it. It brings me so much peace, companionship, and creative release. But I suppose I have to realize that in some points of my life, I will be busier than others and have troubles that set me back from blogging as much as I'd like. The important thing is to blog when I'm ready, when it feels natural and unforced. That's my number one rule for blogging: do it only when you want to. It's not like exercising where you feel better after doing it and you're glad you did. It's more like..."I'm not proud of what I put out and I'm just doing this for other people instead of myself." Always blog for yourself--that's the person you have to do it for. 

At Aeropostale I've started working the merchandise flow position on top of my sales associate position which really excites me! Basically what merchandise flow is it's the person who takes care of shipment. Most days of the week we receive boxes of new merchandise or replinishment that needs to be unpacked, sensored, folded/hung, and put in its proper place in the stockroom so it's able to be found. I've always wanted to try the job out, and one day I just asked if I could and I was so surprised when they put me on for this whole week! It's a pretty labor intensive, fast paced, detail oriented job; and I might even dare to say harder than working the floor (which does have its own set of difficulties). But I really enjoy it and it brings me so much curiosity and fascination to study hands on yet another part of this multifaceted industry I'm becoming a part of. 

Whew, must get to bed for an early morning tomorrow of just that ^^! I hope to talk to you all very soon again! x

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

It's the first time that I see you wearing denim! You look fab!
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Unknown said...

You look amazing! I love how you've made the classic combination of stripes, denim and red lips a bit different. :)

tea & dresses

Ada Ciuca said...

You look so amazing! Love the simplicity of your outfit! Of course, blogging should be for yourself first and foremost. Enjoy real life- it sounds like it's going really well for you right now :)


Sammi said...

Guuuurl you are a complete knock-out in these photos! I am VERY envious of your butt (mine is so flat, lol)! You look awesome, and more than that, I think it shows how awesome you FEEL in these. Don't feel pressure to blog more than you can commit to right now. You're making it work for you in spite of your busy schedule. You're not disappointing anyone by not blogging more!

xox Sammi

Anonymous said...

Fashion merchandising is something I am very much considering as a career, looking into colleges and all that. But it's tough because my family doesn't have any money for college. I'm a tad envious of your job at Aeropastale :) I've been applying to retail positions all summer but haven't had any luck yet. One of these days...

Your journey the past couple of years has been really inspiring to me, since it's what I hope to do one day. We're all so excited for you, going to Kent and studying in Italy. I can tell that you really enjoy what you do :)

xoxo, Alesha

Hannah Barta said...

I love that hair and those heels! This whole outfit looks great on you :)

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SB said...

Wow Lauren you look Amazing! I'm glad you are feeling better in yourself this week.

Angela said...

Merch flow is really labor intensive, but it's so worth it! And I actually remember you telling me you only blog for YOU, when you want to...and that is actually what has kept me happy in my blogging now. So thank you for that wonderful advice back in January! :)

Vicki said...

You look gorgeous, Lauren!! I love your outfit!
I understand exactly what you mean about not having enough time to blog the way you want...work, school, and a boyfriend have been taking up my time as well, and I haven't had as much time to blog as I'd like. And yeah, I could still put together a hurried post a couple times a week, but I wouldn't be happy with it. Still, I've missed it, and hopefully now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I'll be able to get back into it. :)

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Sexy lady!

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