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Monday, November 4, 2013

Snapshots #35.

Outfit photos at home are my favorite.
Do you think my mom might be a little bit proud of me?
Strangest Mcdonald's I've ever been to.Closed October up by eating candy and mini punpkin pies.Kent gets in the holiday spirit :)
Something tells me if I started taking outfit photos with this, they'd turn out pretty 'sweet'Ugly sweaters, good coffee.Been pressing pretty leaves into my study bible.
Beautiful autumn skies.
 You call me out upon the waters//the great unknown///where feet may fail
Thrifted the prettiest 1960's nightgown.Leaves, leaves, leaves.YSL circa 1970.
Me and the little sis taking outfit photos :')

Hi there everyone!

Here's my instagram photos from the past month or so. I was emailing back and forth with a reader recently and we were just talking about how enjoying and taking the time to appreciate all of the little things in life make you that much happier. Instagram is a huge help in pushing me to do that. Plus, it's fun to always look back on the best moments of the month  ♥

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marcia said...

oh, that chocolate camera is the cutest. and the song "oceans" has been my favorite song of late. it's constantly on repeat.

Ruby Sterland said...

So many lovely photos! I love your Instagram x


Lily Fang said...

Ah, how precious! I never got to congratulate you for the seventeen feature. That's such a big deal, congrats! Haha and I totally get the moms and their multiple copies of things. When I was a national merit semi-finalist my mom raided the newstands for multiple copies or our local newspaper. And I thought it was so cute how your little sister took photos for you since my younger brother take mine most of the time!

Unknown said...

Your mom is so proud of you - the cutest! Also, that sweater is so cute!


Katie said...

I actually think your "ugly sweater" is pretty darn cute. So there.

Alexandra Marie said...

Love these! Alex


Anonymous said...

Your life is just so lovely.

Xo, Hannah


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