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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Red Goes With Anything.

Hat, Boots: Thirfted.
Dress: Modcloth.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

Hello ♥
Thank you all for the sweet well wishes on my Italy announcement yesterday! So excited to 'bring' you all with me; that's the neatest part of blogging. Not only is it documentation for oneself, but also like a story book for others to follow along with. I can't guarantee that it'll be vivid enough for you all to taste the gelato, but I'll try my best through pictures and words. x

I have some more exciting news though, as well! Modcloth's 'Style Gallery' hit its one year birthday the other day--over 14,000 pictures have been uploaded and it's gotten up to 4,000 users. It's been awesome to be apart of this community and I've found so many new, inspiring blogs because of it. They named the top 10 contributors and I am honored enough to among that ten! Not only that, but $1,000 was donated in my name to the Dress for Success Charity through this honor. Modcloth just blows my mind every day with it's sense of community, ability to do good, creativity, and just general inspiration. So proud to have $1,000 donated to charity because of me! Check out the feature and others honored here.

Also, Modcloth is having bloggers put together polyvore sets with items from their new new private label. I was given the 'Coach Tour Dress in Noir' to style up with other Modcloth pieces. I thought it would be perfect with a warm, comfy, fair isle sweater thrown over top with tights, socks, and oxfords for a casual fall day look. Now if I could only find a quaint little trail to walk through like this one I would be set!
Crisp Fall Day.

Hope you all are well! x
 With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

Yes, red does go with everything! Especially this adorable blue dress. This whole outfit is absolutely perfect. I love that shade of lipstick on you too.

Tineke said...

This dress is so cute, i absolutely love it!

Kalie said...

I really love that hat! I want a similar one, but perhaps in a plum or black. I know it's a bit odd to say in a random comment on a random post, but I truly enjoy reading your posts. The post you wrote a while back where you mentioned journaling actually inspired me to pick up the hobby once again. I used to journal every night--I began my first one when I was seven and could just barely put my day into words. Thanks a bundle for that.



Jenna Leigh said...

SOOOO lovely.


The Mad Twins said...

You look so sweet on the pictures! The red hat goes so well with your dress! It looks so pretty!

SB said...

Ah I can't believe that I forgot to comment yesterday! I am so excited for you going to Italy :)I hope it is all that you dream it to be and more. I find it really odd that Americans don't cook from scratch, I live in the UK and although we are a lot like America my family still cooks from scratch but maybe it is my family that is odd ;)

Anonymous said...

This dress is honestly stunning. It seems so much your style and it looks beautiful on you.

Sarah Wiki said...

That dress is fabulous! The hat, your hair, the boots, everything is just gorgeous! X

lisa said...

I love this dress so much and the red hat adds the perfect burst of color! Also love the outfit you styled for the Polyvore challenge :) Congrats on being a part of that generous donation!

http://stylebyjessy.wordpress.com said...

i really like the hats color! Such a nice pop in an outfit :) xx http://stylebyjessy.wordpress.com

Mary Clare said...

I love this dress, Lauren!

Also: I'm super impressed that you find the time/the will to take outfit photos when you're at college! I can only really take them when I'm at home!

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