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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Outfit Inspired by Emily from Pretty Little Liars!

Denim Shorts, Necklace : Thrifted.
Lace Bralet: Aeropostale.
Messenger Bag: Forever21.
Bracelet: Antique Store. 

Hello everyone!
Here is my second post in the series I'm doing with Lulu*s.com, styling up outfits inspired by each Pretty Little Liars girl. Last week I did Hannah and this week is Emily--the total opposite. I knew Emily would be my toughest to emulate because her style is so laid back, tomboy, and casual. Definitely out of my comfort zone! I noticed that Emily wears a lot of denim shorts with boots though and thought I'd try it out (even though her legs are ridiculously long and she pulls it off better than me with my short limbs). From watching the show it also stuck out to me that Emily wears a lot of olive green so I brought that in with this awesome shirt that has a tulip cut in the back (perfect for a pretty, lace bralet!). Finally I added some understated jewelery pieces and Emily's signature smooth, wavy long locks to complete a look that hopefully is as easy and effortless as Emily's herself.

 Who will be next week; Spencer or Aria?

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

That tank is adorable - I love the cut out! Can't wait to see how else you style it! Also, love the boots!


Unknown said...

I love the cut at the back! It's got a bit of a boho vibe going for it - even though it's olive green!

Delaney Y said...

Very cute! Seems much different from what you'd usually wear :)

Unknown said...

Such a cute outfit :) Love the olive green shirt!

Brianna said...

LOVE this outfit! You captured Emily's style perfectly. :) I love the way the tank looks in the back. I never would have paired those boots with shorts, but I really like how it looks!


Sophie said...

You look so effortless Lauren - love olive green on you

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