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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Casual Day Outfit.

Open Weave Sweater, Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Aeropostale.
1960's Loafers: Inherited.
Brown Messenger Bag: Thrifted.
Key Necklace: Gift from my aunt.
Lipstick in MAC's 'Myth.'

Hello everyone!
I believe that this is the most casual outfit I have ever worn on my blog. College and working at Aeropostale have both taught me a lot about casual dress--in a good way. In high school I was obsessed with dressing up. I not once wore sweats and perhaps wore pants three times each year. Every day I wore high heels no matter how icy and snowy it was out, and woke up early to do my hair and makeup every day. Not only all that, but I was actually stressed out about what I was going to wear. I spent hours each night planning outfits in advance, trying to find the perfect one that would make all my classmates admire me and vote me for best dressed.

A lot of this was in my freshman and sophomore years, but there was still some of these thoughts and actions going on my last two years of high school, too. I thought that the only thing that made me stand out was my clothing and that I was too plain and ordinary looking without it to be special. Such a corrupt, toxic way of thinking I had.

It's strange but as soon as I hit college I just started to grow out of this childish way of thinking. Perhaps it was because I couldn't physically wear heels because my campus is so big. Or that most days I slept in till the last minute and didn't have time to get elaborately ready. Or perhaps it was just the fresh start and a place where no one knew me and I didn't have to impress anyone. I don't know. But I found myself starting to dress more casual this past year and it has been gaining speed in my style ever since.

Aeropostale is really know for their casual clothes and it has had a big impact on me, as well. It's allowed me to see that casual clothing can be made cute and unique to fit your style and there's no reason to be embarrassed of dressing down. I didn't think I would ever be sporting boyfriend jeans but here I am, proudly wearing them and feeling more confident than I do in some of my dresses.

My style will always involve dresses and heels and vintage elements. It's who I am. I think it's important to feel comfortable in your style, but also in casual clothing, too. Whatever you're wearing doesn't make you- YOU make you! x

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

Wow those jeans really look amazing on you Lauren! You look so care free and happy!

And I totally agree with everything you said. There are always going to be those days where you want to dress more casually, and I love those days too

xx Carina

TaNuja said...

I so agree with your thoughts....YES, We make OURSELVES. :-)

You rarely come in such casuals and ur looking so pretty. To be honest I think you are so pretty that the clothes automatically get cuter with you.

Also dont judge so harshly to yourself. :-)


SM said...

This is such a nice casual outfit, Lauren! I love the satchel. Great thrift find!

Mostly Lisa said...

Casual is literally everything in my wardrobe. I think being in college, and having to be in a classes that will last the whole day you have to dress casually. But I understand where you are coming from with planning out outfits days in advance, I used to do that ALL the time. Haha.

You look great by the way!

Mostly Lisa

Mostly Lisa said...
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Sophie said...

You look so effortless and pretty Lauren. Casual suits you!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I never thought we'd see this side of you, Lauren! You look so relaxed and happy. If that's what boyfriend jeans do for you keep rocking them!

Cindi said...

Casual or dressed up - you always look lovely Lauren. I really like what you're wearing here, especially the loafers and the necklace. I think it is totally acceptable to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. And let's face it, high heels aren't the best thing for the feet either, although they're pretty.



Sammi said...

You look beautiful! Loving these jeans on you. You have such an easy confidence in these photos, Lauren. I think I'm sort of having the opposite kind of transition, though... I dressed quite casually in high school and throughout college, and now that I've sort of sound my voice and style, I'm more in the I-have-to-look-dolled-up-all-the-time phase. Except I still sleep too late. Sleep is still more important that perfectly curled hair to me.

xox Sammi

Lauren said...

You're so gorgeous and I'm so glad you're my blogging friend. <3

Ruby Sterland said...

I totally agree with you again, Lauren! I love your hair here, and this is the kind of thing I wear all the time! I'm a sucker for something comfortable x

Lauren said...

I love this look on you! :)
It's funny how we all feel comfortable in different things - I'm the opposite to you... I'm much more comfortable in casual outfits, and always feel like people will think that I'm too dressed up if I wear heels during the day... I'm trying to get over that though and just wear whatever I feel like! So thanks for the inspiration! :)


Unknown said...

I love this casual look on you! Those shoes are adorable and that sweater looks so comfy! Isn't it great to switch it up sometimes?


Anonymous said...

It's fun to dress up, but I absolutely LOVE this casual, comfy outfit! It's still elegant and pretty, but so cozy too. I love your sweater and the jeans together, and the shoes are great.

Anonymous said...

Your sweater looks so cozy. Love it!

Xo, Hannah


Unknown said...

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