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Monday, July 29, 2013

New In The Store!

Swing Your Partner 1960's Skirt. 

 White Not 1970's Jumpsuit.

For A Split Second Skirt.

Black Velvet Fitted Dress.

A Mess It Grows Romper 

You're My Shining Star Dress. 

Coral Fixation Dress. 

Split Second Maxi Skirt. 

What a busy weekend I had! I ended up working every day since Thursday and last night I worked 9 hours doing a HUGE floorset for Aero. Probably the biggest one ever. Aero is relaunching themselves to being a more fashion forward brand and this line of back to school clothing is the big debut. I didn't think it would be a probably wanting to buy clothing at Aero (since I knew them as a t-shirts and sweats kind of place) but now they have so much cute stuff it's dangerous, ha. It's been very fun learning about merchandising and re-branding that Aero has been doing-- I feel so blessed to have come into the company at this monumental time! Anyways, that's just what I've been up to lately and why I haven't been blogging much. 

My 20th birthday is Thursday. Gulp. I am just dreading it. It's a long drawn out story and I think I'll write a post about it. 20....yikes.

Hope you all had a great weekend! And remember, I have a sale for 30% in my store right now with the code '50sales' if you'd care to use it. This will probably be my last update before I head back to school :)

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

Follow us;we attend you on our blog!;)

Sammi said...

Love that black fitted dress on you - you look like a knock-out! That's awesome news about Aero, and I can't wait to hear/see more! And oh no, don't dread your birthday!! I hope it will end up being fun... <3

xox Sammi

Katie said...

I am edging up towards 30 more every year, and when I was 21 I didn't think it'd bother me, but the closer I get, the more that numbers just looms...

So I totally get you :) Moving out of the teens into the 20's can definitely involve some really big shifts in your life, too, so I definitely understand being worried.

I wonder how many times I can use 'definitely' in a sentence before it's ridiculous.

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