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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two For One.

Purple Lace Dress: Forever21.
Purple Beret: Target.
Leather Jacket, Knee Socks: H&M.
Loafers: Thrifted.

You all get two outfits in one post today! Last weekend one of my high school friends, Zoe, came to visit me at Kent. Zoe has always been that girl I wish I could be- who wears trendy clothes, mixes patterns, and takes chances. If I would do any of that...I would just look silly! Next to her I feel like pretty lame ;)

Anyways! It was so wonderful to give someone I knew from before I came here a little tour around my new home. I wish I had a bunch of friends to come visit me so I could show them around because I'm so proud of where I live and want to share it with anyone I can. I just love it here and in exactly two months from today I will be coming back home again for the summer. Can't believe that the school year is coming to a close...makes me so sad because so many of my friends here live in different states and I won't be able to see them until next fall. I suppose it will make the reunion that much sweeter.

Hope you all are doing well

With much love, Lauren.




The Dragonfruit said...

Pff, you do not look lame! You look rather edgy but still retain that adorable charm you always channel :)
Although I am quite envious of how Zoe's pulling off those aqua tipped locks...

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Unknown said...

You both look fantastic! I love your friend's blue hair so much. Your outfit is wonderful too. I love the mix of purple and black. The lace and leather pairing is really working too!

Lauren said...

omg you're the best.

K. Elise said...

Pretty outfits! Also your faces at the end are really cute.

Anonymous said...

So many good things in this post! :)

jenponix said...

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Sammi said...

This is another one of my favorite outfits of yours. You look amazingly good in berets! I love the silly pictures at the end, so adorable!

Unknown said...

Lauren? Look lame? Suuuuuurrre. Like that will ever happen; it just looks like you and Zoe have different styles, and that's okay! You both look flippin' adorable!

Glad that you could have a fun time with your friend! I love when my non college friends come and visit my school too, I get all nerdy/tour guide-y about it. What can I say, I work in Admissions. :)

Have a great weekend hon!


Unknown said...

I have that same purple lace dress too!! I usually wear it with the ribbon it came with...but I love how you styled it here with the leather jacket and beret :)

Camille said...

I think that you both look so amazingly stylish! It's cool that you guys both have such unique styles.


Katie said...

This is a great post! Love having friends in from out of town, so fun :) You're both so stylish and wear such great clothes! Love it!


aki! said...

Lauren, your friend is pretty awesome and stylish, but you definitely don't look lame at all.

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SM said...

Ah, that purple lace dress <3 I love it. And looks great with the leather jacket. You don't look lame at all, darling =)

Kezzie said...

What lovely photos! Your high-school friend looks great fun, what amazing hair! You look very pretty too! But I'm confused- I thought you always said in your posts that you didn't have any high school friends! Glad to know that that wasn't the case!

Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite outfits ever on your blog Lauren! You look sweet, edgy, feminine, and strong. Love the combo of leather and lace!

Teddi said...

what fun photos lauren! how wonderful to introduce your friend zoe to your current life. aren't old friends fantastic? :)

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